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  1. Good luck, friend! If I'm allowed to call you that.
  2. Oh great! What a mod, I wish I could see it. I am so into mods of FigherZ and Budokai Tenkaichi 3. And I see. Yeah. Touhou reaches far. But they reach very deep into DBZ lol. I should find a video to send you to see what you think, but it'd be in Japanese.
  3. There are many free things on the "someday" timeline. One of the most prominent is the day I'll play onigiri with my friend again. It'll be fun when "someday" happens. We'll be playing onigiri and stuff
  4. Lol. For some reason I haven't played/watched this game though. My brain takes things that are popular and considered good and dumps them in the later file Edit: later being designated at "someday". We still haven't figured out what day exactly is "someday"
  5. Very pleasing. There isn't any "only good" anime music. There's too much to count. But I have my preferences Edit: Oh, we're going for cringeyness?? I love this song but I'm fairly sure it gives other people who listen to it cancer
  6. I'm very happy for your progress. Also I'm one of those that randomly lucid dream without trying, and I think it is 1000% worth it. I don't understand how someone can think it is boring. Ha, maybe I'll send you metta and it'll help your future attempts. I also agree with feeling of not wanting to rely on substances for things, but sometimes you're just stuck so you gotta get the help, so I wouldn't feel bad about it, unless it was utterly destroying your health or something, which I don't think these pills are.
  7. Oh lumi, while listening to dbz music and playing FighterZ, it happened upon this. That's a Touhou song isn't it? Sounds incredibly a lot like one to me. The music video isn't something amazing, but it reminds me of the fact that there are a lot of Japanese people that love Dragonball and Touhou as much as we do combined and make fanfictions about it on youtube with stories including characters from both series. Did you know that? It is amusing
  8. Probably not. Maybe it is because my computer was made in 1846 so the match has horrible framerate
  9. I'm glad you like it! Yeah, with Rena by my side, I can smile even in adversity.
  10. Ouch. Getting wrecked in FighterZ and then they don't rematch you. That doesn't feel good. "You're a waste of my time, trash of the universe. I already took care of you." That's probably what they're saying to me
  11. digital doodle of old paper doodle of us. I wish I could do her justice, but it has been a while since I posted anything when I wanted to a lot. don't mind the mystical lighting that makes no sense
  12. I wish I had therapists I could text or call
  13. Wow, that's interesting. Though doing that with drawing seems like it would be really difficult. There are so many things you'd have to be keeping track of in your mind. Though idk