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  1. I suppose that a form of method acting where the character created is one who recognizes his status as "invented" and that he is made up of a series of thought patterns would be pretty similar. The purpose is kind of a spiritual thing. I want to see past the illusion that I am my ego by being able to swap egos, as it were. It would be dissociation in the sense that I would be dissociating from one ego and associating with another, but not in the sense that it would feel like watching a movie or any of the other analogies often used for dissociating. I-- the one who experiences things-- would still be in control. It's just that I'd be operating in a different modality. To use a tired computer analogy: The hardware would be the same, and the operating system (my awareness) would be the same, but I'd be running a different program (personality). To possibly stretch the analogy a bit, the trick would be to make a program with an exit button in the menu. I don't think tulpas are made up or playing pretend. I just think that the means by which they (you) are constructed is at least partly a matter of hacking the mind. I think they're as real as the "self" that created them. I just think that self is also created over time, albeit less intentionally. I'll try and find the neuromancy community, if it exists. Thank you. Yeah, definitely. But meditation and other tools have been used for millennia as an aid in realization and in growing as a person. I'm just thinking about what might be a new tool for doing that. I've been working on myself for quite a while now. I'm actually not trying to create this other personality to be a "better" version of myself and slowly take over, but to be an illustration of the nature of the self that can remind me that my personality is a tool. It's a series of default thought and behavior patterns which save the brain power of constantly making conscious choices, but it's something over which I ultimately have control and that I can change. The actual *ability* to swap between two sets of thought/behavior patterns would just be a means of learning it firsthand, like learning a technique in art class and getting to keep the painting or sculpture you made. Yeah, having it on your coffee table is nice but the real point was to truly grasp the principle behind it.
  2. My interest is related to creating a tulpa, but isn't actually in creating a tulpa per se. Instead, I'm interested in whether it's possible to use some of the same techniques to essentially create an alter-ego which feels as real and coherent as one's standard ego, and to swap between them at will. Something like how David Bowie and others have created personae that they wear, but on a deeper level. I don't mean some kind of thing where I dissociate, though. There would be no sense that I'm no longer in the driver's seat but just watching and going through the motions or anything like that. Instead, I would have created (and thus have access to) a whole new modality or style of thinking, into which I can switch. Much like how people instinctively code-switch when moving from a private to a professional setting, for instance, or speaking different languages, but more dramatic. What would be the most effective way to do this? Is there any danger in doing so? Does anyone here have any experience in doing so?