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  2. i'm behind schesual, no matter Day before yesterday i had weird feeling in head and headache afterwards. It was Kaylie, i just know. Sadly yesterday there simply was no time because of christmas and today that feeling was much more weaker, but hey i'm still so happy about it. Fun fact, my sister gave me neclace whitch i'm supposed to pass on after sime time (i'm like 5th person in the row), im not to wear it all the time and it being 'forcing amulet' seems only right to me. This is the end of numbering reports i guess? Lasted less than i expected.
  3. No. 6 This day (saturday) was short, like, woke up at noon, got something to eat and by 3pm was at friends to play dungeons'n'dragons. That lasted till 2am. So only time i remembered Kay was in short pauses. Can't say i really did something for her. No. 7 Now here i can say i tried something new. Found a way to be confortable, also looking like drunken sleeping monk, and tryed something like astral projection or to just desocialise with my body. Best i managed was to feel like trapped behind my eyes and looking out like i was someone else. Interesing? yes, but i guess not much more except that i visualised Kaylies body quite easily, but that's nothing new. No. 8 Figured out my f. sessions were too short, so i made it longer today, but cause i was whole time in the dark, i think i fell asleep, not sure. Also i'd set an alarm on phone to remind me and keep on schedule. Hope it'll pay off. I've read a bit in guides once more and found few tricks about mindset and stuff. As i was afraid of puppeting, i'll give it a shot from now on.
  4. (i'm starter too) Had something simmilar, but i figured you it was just flu or something. It seemed too soon.
  5. applies also on visualization When i try forcing combined with visualization or just do stuff in my (pretty basic) wonderland i find it inredibly hard to ignore position of my real body. For example, i lie on my side, i just can't make myself to "be" in wonderland. I always remain there for half a second, then i realise i should'n be standing in corridor like normal but slam to the wall and i slip out so i'm once again lying in bed. Same goes if i'm lying on my back. Gravity just pulls me away and makes it impossible. It is enough for me to have head upright and everything is fine. But when i'm sitting for more than 10 minutes unmoving my ass starts to feel height of my body and that distracts me also and being in pose somewhere between these two is also uncomfortable (yes i'm whining a lot). So i figured out the best solution would be to take care of the gravity-part of the issue as i'd be able to visual in most of situations, whitch are mostly wasted hours of insomnia. Any ideas or supersolving trick? please? ;) or just 'practice young padawan...'
  6. no. 4 Two days summorised here. Been tired most of time and out of line because of school. So not much of active, because when i tried i fell asleep. no.5 Well this is interesting. story couse why not I'm doing historical fencing (medieval sword-fight) and was thinking about... figures it is? Well, counter-attacks and leading opponens weapon blade away from body. That requires a lot of imagination and accurate visual with focus what is where. And just got and idea to, well, use Kaylie as my mind-sparring partner. I know this leads to puppeting, whitch i wanted to awoid, but hell this will work. These fight poses etc. are really fun to make and when Kaylie is there with me, it could be only good. Last thing is that she needs humanoid body on this, so again, changing form. At least she'll have a collection to choose from. Also the creation of body is fun in its own way. I imagine rough desired shape before me and slide hands over it like clay-sculptor. Mostly on what i focus on is skin, shape of muscles and bones under, like jaw-line, that sharp point on the edge of shoulder, spine bulges etc. This was done mostly in free time between stuff during the day, in terms of talking about stuff it is pretty general and random, but it'll be much more speculative after tonights star wars. yayks
  7. Yea, Hai. I'm Draim and, surprise, i'm creating a tulpa! So to say, I tried this already two times three and two years ago, but both were only twoo week thing. So foor the third time, i'm gonna finally do it. I will use this thread to just write about stuff of progress. I think it is the best way to keep my mind on forcing, so i'll be posting here every... four days but the last post will be updated every day (if able). So it is basically spamming, because every day is exacly the same... but hey, it's a good song. I think i could do this in private, to just write it on the paper and then hide it in drawer, but i'm terrible and this way i will have feeling that someone is checking if i'm forcing (even if not), otherwise it's highly possible i could just blank it and forget for a week (i'm terrible at remembring stuff). More and more spam incoming. To the topic now: My tulpas name is Kaylie. She is she (obviously)... In the begining i used to imagine her in rather detailed form (pony mlp style btw.) but the more i learned about the topic the more i was decided to give her something more "astral" or neutral, so later on, we will work on her visage together. Now she is a floating sphere of grayish-silvery, a bit like spheres in newer The Day The World Stopped. The reasons for creation are multiple. Surprise, to fill lonelyness, because when i feel alone, there is metaphorycal pressure stacking inside me and after that when i get between people i'm like a maniac. To guide my emotions is second reason, then there are things like helping to remember stuff. In counter, i'd like to show her the world like no one other can (original). One of my goals with her personality and interaction is to be seen here. When you look at what i've written above and below, you can see a lot of brackets ( ). I don't use them that often elsewhere, i to say almost hate brackets, but here they are as example what would Kaylie say were she already here. As ultimate guide (but not the only one of course) i'm using >Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy<. It's quite readable, interesting and well, BIG, i mean a lot of info is in there. report No. 1 (guess i'll be numbering them) this one is covering like 3 sessions I've been passively forcing again for a week now, so this is early stage, and had only two about an hour sessions of full force... i'm jedi. Sitting in the dark, "relaxing" music and just persuading my subconciusnessessess (what a word) to cooperate and being ignored completly. Also disturbed like thrice despite the late hour, fantastic. Trying to link Kay to stuff lying around me so it reminds me of her. I dug out an old leather armlet to wear and also 'golden' ring on thumb(it's actually replica of The One Ring), and now i look like i'm in full-metal mode. Another 'reminder', i listen to musician Klayton a lot and just now i realised that in album t, there is a lot of songs focused on 'dreamscpe'... No. 2 Been forcing a little throughout the day. It looks like an job interview actually, i imagine myself and her sitting at a table, facing and i'm talking. In a but for eample she's sitting next to me and so. This also means i changed my mind about her form. It seemed silly to talk into a floating globe and and making human-like visage is a bit difficult. So she's back in pony shape, pale white coat with silvery mane and tail and red eyes... i hope she'll not be vampire. To keep forcing a bit realistic, when i imagine her in real (sitting next to me) i try not to look at her, couse eyes have priority above minds eye. No. 3 Again few times during the day, but was harder to focus. Also the visualisation is getting confusing. Kaylie is switching for between intended pony shape to very neutral human woman without details, more like shape. When i was trying to shape her face i tried to let her move, just watching. She opened eyes and moved a bit but i quess it was just me puppeting. Gotta sleep now, maybe try for semi-lucid dream?
  8. Hi. I'm Draim. I guess i'm new here, but story first. I've tried for tulpa two times now, three and two years ago, but first one was just interest for two weeks and th second for month and a half. Each time it was matter of interest, i read about tulpas, then got here, found guides and literature. After the interes was gone so were my forcing sessions. Besides i felt like too young to make decision about creating tulpa. This time i'll try to take it seriously, well i've taken it seriously from the first try but now i'll go all the way, hopefully. I guess i'll start thread in progress reports right away, to keep myself in line. Also, hello everyone, i see there is quite tide of greetings in a last few days. ps: i'm from czech rep. and male, just a thing that confuses me in english