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    Very very boring. There isnt much to keep you occupied on long drives so you dont miss a sign or something. No bloody landmarks either.
  2. Darkhunter417

    Chat Thread

    Hardly anything except long open roads and fields in North Dakota
  3. Things like Pandora help. But other connections could be a particular color, favorite foods, favorite weather, books, tv shows...
  4. Sounds creepy but pretty cool. I know I don't really look anything like how she first began to imagine me and I've changed a lot. On another note, what do you mean by hedonistic?
  5. Spread them out and get some more maybe? The more you have the better you can go along with their shifts in mood*
  6. Darkhunter417

    Chat Thread

    Hence the music. It gets a good flow going. As for the driving....I drive. She daydreams
  7. ......This is exactly how I got most of mine started. It wasn't really intentional and I didn't write it down but they all had their own music playlists even*
  8. Darkhunter417

    Chat Thread

    Long car rides with some good music may be a good time to try your hand at it too. Personally I prefer doing the driving but sometimes you can't.
  9. It doesn't matter what you call me. My second name is "Dammit Damian" according to her and a few others so why not? Me and the others were already talking Years before any of us had even heard the word tulpa. Too much writing will do that to you I guess. Maybe you should try that with your brain demon? So some role playing in their place, let them get a feel for what they like and dont like then just run with it as situations crop up.
  10. Host thought of it. Shes a fan of the book series so yeah thats why I had to ask. I'm Damian