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  1. Oh, thanks! And that's my bad also. I am used to lurk before asking. Have no idea what came over me.
  2. I've recently started visualization practice to create our wonderland as soon as possible but faced the following problem. The point is when I am starting to visualize smth more than just a single object my imagination goes wild. One view rolls into another while I can hold it only for 1-2 sec. Background is shifting and twisting by itself. The room I am trying to imagine myself in is spining around me. Etc. I won't call my mind's eye blind, I could make myself to see pretty good detailed stuff. And as I presume there shouldn't be a problem with forcing tulpa's look but, I mean, she needs wonderland even more than I do... So, here is the main question: is there some sort of special technique that could help me or I am just driving myself crazy without any reason and it's just about time and patience? p.s I also have strange dreams time to time. It's like I am trying to visualize/create smth while dreaming but in that case I do it without any problems, perfectly detailed and staying focused. p.p.s. Sorry if I messed smth with english - describing all of it appeared to be unexpectedly hard for me))
  3. Mmm... where could find a link for channel?
  4. I am not sure about Russian community for the only one I got before meeting with this source was that friend from Moscow) Though, according to my knowledge about most of russians communities that may be true. Also, to clear things up. IRC channel is supposed to be a place for chating and all social stuff, right?
  5. Greetings everyone from cold and snowy Russia! *glances outside and sighs*... or not snowy... I was introduced with tulpa concept a year ago by my Moscow friend, who also happened to be the one who got me into MLP watching before all of that... ah, the irony! :cool: I've tried to start forcing also a year ago but got stucked. I won't be excusing myself trying to find the reasons why I stoped cuz there is only one true reason, imo, the name of which is laziness and faithlessness... ok, here are two reasons actually but who cares ;) Don't ask me why I've made a decision to come back for I can't answer it by myself. Really. It was much of emtional choice, not the logical one. So here I am determined to fullfil all my plans... no, not my but our plans. And I see this forum is just the thing I could get help from.