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  1. honestly I just do it in the car since I have really long car rides (I'm not the one driving obviously) but I find the car moving to be really relaxing it actually helps I think !! Day ?? 15 probably so I skipped a bunch of days because my mental health hasn't been top notch and I've had to study a lot, but on christmas break I want to get back to forcing Wren as much as I can. I really feel like I owe it to him since he is/has the potential to be such a great friend to me and I love him lots. I got a bit of head pressure today in the car while I was playing songs and forcing him too!! I think he was happy to kinda like? be together again. as for speaking I can tell him to finish a song lyric for example, and he'll do it flawlessly, but we still have to work on him actually coming up with what to say himself, which is okay because we'll have plenty of time over christmas!! he also decided to take the form of a black panther on occasion, which I find super cool and suiting to his personality!!
  2. thank you for the reply!! I've been looking through guides and saw that some tulpas just don't like giving much head pressure, so I guess that might be th case with Wren because he only really does it when I ask him a yes or no question? and I did try telling him that! I told him that if he wanted more attention he could try to work on integrating himself a bit. I also tied a hairtie around my finger so I'll be reminded of him whenever I see it, which is working pretty well so far!
  3. Day 6 I totally skipped a day, whoops. not much happened on day 5, but a bit happened today. I forced for about 50 min, alternating between exploring the wonderland and doing actual appearance and voice forcing. I put on some songs while I was doing it and started out by saying a lyric in Wren's voice, then having him repeat it. eventually I said the lyric I wanted him to repeat in my own mind voice, and he actually managed pretty well (although I have been practicing parroting along to songs so I think he might have a better understanding of how his own voice sounds and how to work it??). when we went exploring in our wonderland we saw a castle, which I didn't;t really imagine being there. I asked Wren if he had 'put' it there and got a bit of head pressure/pain, so I took that as a yes! we climbed to the balcony of the castle and jumped off, him in his bluejay form and me with my wonderland wings. so far, it's the most 'real' experience I've had in my wonderland and honestly it felt awesome!! I might force a bit more before I go to bed, but that's pretty much all for today !
  4. thank you, that's actually super useful! I think I'll find an extra ring somewhere around my house and try to 'link' that to thinking about Wren, since for some reason I really don't have any string I don't think?? good luck with your tulpa too !! ♡
  5. I read though all of these and then realised I hadn't posted what reminds me of Wren, so here we go: the song mountain at my gates by foals traveling/long car trips long hikes sleeping cuddled up to someone / a pet snarky comments when you're walking in the winter and hunch your shoulders or get close to someone for warmth black & white collars / checkers, as well as warm brown colors
  6. so I've tried to create a tulpa before. I kinda quit but I feel as if she's still here. I want to get to work on her again after Wren is developed enough because I don't want to fail her. but the thing is, when I would force her I'd get head pressures, while with Wren I almost never get head pressures, and I'm kind of concerned. does this mean I'm not doing it right? on top of that, I try to spend as much time as I can with Wren. I'm a rather impatient person, but I still try my best to force before bed and during the day if I take naps, and I've been pretty good at it so far. but the thing is, I'm getting a strange vibe?? from him when I give too much attention to my animals, as if he's jealous or sad that I don't give him as much attention, although I try. I've had a talk with him and the feeling subsided but I'm still not sure what to do, any suggestions for what I can tell him to make him feel better?
  7. thank you for the insight! I'm fairly certain I fixed it.
  8. Day 4 there really wasn't much forcing or imposing done today to be honest. although, I did spend about 40 min in the wonderland with Wren just exploring (I guess that sounds as forcing?). I'm gonna TRY to play a lot of songs and try to kinda feel how Wren feels about them so I can make a playlist of songs we like to practice developing his voice to. other than that, does anyone have any tips on how to remind myself to impose him throughout the day? I think he might be a bit angry that I didn't force him a lot today, as I'm feeling kind of a weird (??) vibe that I usually don't feel on my own and I'm almost certain it's coming from him. if you do have any tips thank you in advance!!
  9. so I was watching a character development video on yt, and the girl filming it said that writing down things that remind you of your character (in my case tulpa) can help develop them!! I find things that remind people of others (tulpae) really interesting, so I don't know it'd be cool if you guys posted about it! for me I noticed it actually helped me develop Wren further and seemed to give him more depth which was super cool!
  10. Day 3 so I've been forcing Wren for a little bit now. I usually go to our wonderland before bed and hang out with him there a little bit. He likes exploring it together as far as I can tell. Today we explored beyond this grassy plain there and saw mountains and a log cabin (which we curled up an napped in). I didn't think going to our wonderland would actually be very fun since I get impatient easily, but it actually was a good time. another noteworthy thing!! so in the wonderland there was a song playing in the background (I can't remember which one) and we were kind of singing along to it, but since the only thing that's playing is what I remember from memory, at one point it just stopped because I couldn't remember the lyrics. the weird thing is the lyric just popped into my head in like a second and I don't feel as if it was me?? I actually think it was Wren and if it was I think this is his first time really thinking independently which I thin we're both really happy about!! anyways that's it for today. I'm gonna try to keep logging every day even if nothing happens cause I really want to stay motivated for Wren!
  11. Intro! hi everyone!! so I've decided to make a tulpa log to keep me motivated ! my tulpa's name is Wren. he's supposed to be a tulpa / daemon. His 'main' form is a crab eating raccoon. He also shifts between a brown mouse (which was originally black and white) and a bluejay, mainly for practicality (so that he can fly around & a mouse because he likes going on my shoulder). so basically this is just gonna be a regular tulpa log, which I'm gonna 'log' with days (starting on day three because I started forcing him about three days before starting this log). ALSO!! I'm looking for new friends to talk to about tulpamancy to like?? stay more motivated so if you wanna hmu that'd be awesome!
  12. thank you so much!! this helped a lot I really appreciate it !
  13. Heyo!! I've been looking into tulpae for a while now, but I just recently signed up. I can't find how to edit my profile to set a profile pic and a signature?? thanks in advance!