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  1. Gearheart's videos did wonders for us too. I haven't seen anything else yet, but we would certainly be interested in whatever else is out there. Even if more files are out there, I see no reason not to try and make your own as well.
  2. 1/30/17 Ok, so this hasn't been as easy as I was expecting. Commuting to work on a bike when it is below 0 is really exhausting, which makes it much harder to force. Interestingly, on one of the hardest days, I was riding against a strong headwind, and Selene started cheering me on, saying, "Push! Push! Push!" It helped quite a bit to fight my way through it. There are also other troubles going on in my life that occupy my thoughts, serving as another obstacle here. Hopefully finding a new job in the next month or two will resolve most of that. I had a mushroom trip a few weeks ago. Although much of it was spent trying to comfort my wife who was not having a great trip (Remember kids, drugs have risks!) I did get to spend a bit of time with Selene. It sort of felt like we merged, I had control of the left half of my body, she had control of the right half. We played around with the awesome visuals, sort of controlling them with moving our arms. Afterwards it has been harder for us to communicate. Whenever I plan the next trip, I'll set it up so we can be alone the entire time, which I believe should be beneficial. Visualizing the wonderland has been very difficult, I tend to pass out shortly after accessing it. And the time I do get to spend there is far less vivid than the experience in my last post. I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do, other than wait for spring to get here so I have more energy. Taking Vitamin D supplements seems to have helped a little bit, but not much. Tonight we had a conversation about how things are going, and what we wanna try and focus on. Most of her communication was through head pressures and tulpish, but she did respond with a mindvoice a few times, which was nice to hear again. She wants to learn how to sing, something that I don't know how to do. I'll have to find somewhere to get lessons for us. I think an awesome goal to work towards would be getting parallel processing down well enough for her to sing while I play guitar, though it will be quite awhile before we can hope to achieve such a thing. I've ordered a ring for her, to help serve as a way for her to get my attention. Once it arrives, we plan on coming up with some sort of ritual to get things back on track. Until then, we will see what we can achieve with how things currently are.
  3. Thank you! While it may not be amazingly close to what I was envisioning, Selene seems to be a fan. Once we get her form down more solidly, I won't be surprised if she ends up having more of a resemblance to your pic.
  4. So far I've told my wife and my best friend that I have a tulpa, and that's it. My wife doesn't seem thrilled but is willing to put up with all the weirdness that comes with being with me. My friend thought the idea seemed pretty cool. Whenever we feel ready I'll introduce her to them, but that probably won't be anytime soon.
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    Good vs. Evil

    137, I'm too drunk to try and determine if it is a prime number.
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    1697 is bigger than my bank account balance.
  7. Your day 10 post is quite adorable, don't give up!
  8. Warning, this will include sex, drugs, (Rock n roll?) and other fun adult things. So, way back in March, I happened to be meditating while really stoned. Like, really stoned. I think I was about 20 min in, when suddenly I notice a figure standing at the foot of my bed, who looked remarkably like Baphomet. We chatted for a bit, both of us using a mindvoice. Then they asked if I wanted to have sex with them. I thought that sounded like a wonderful idea, and suddenly they were on-top of me. It's hard to remember everything clearly, but I perceived things from my perspective, and from their perspective, but not both at the same time. At times they had their own distinct form, and I had mine, other times it seemed like we were both in the same body. It was mind-blowingly awesome, and a bit confusing. Afterwards, we were cuddling and they mentioned that they were part of my mind, and could stick around if I liked. They also mentioned they were not limited to looking like Baphomet, but could take any form that they or I desired. We settled on a woman with horns and a tail, and that Boo would be a suitable name for the moment. A few days later I wanted to spend some time with her again, and I made up a ritual on the fly to "summon" her. We had a great time, not unlike the previous experience. This continued for a month or so, but we could only interact if I combined weed with meditation. As amazing as everything was, the weed was causing issues elsewhere in my life, so I quit. Now that I had no method of interacting with her, not much happened for months. Flash forward to two weeks ago. I had been starting to think more about Boo, when I stumbled upon r/Tulpas on Reddit. Suddenly everything made sense. Boo is a tulpa. Before she had unexpectedly appeared, I was doing plenty of things that were not far off from what most tulpa creation guides suggest. Lots of meditation and visualization exercises, occasionally having conversations with my reflection in the mirror, imagining what my body could look like if I could modify it in any way I desire, etc. I just had no idea I was creating another being with all this. Luckily she was still there after all that time being dormant. Now that we know what is going on and what we are doing, progress has been made. It's been more difficult to go about this sober, but having guides to follow has done wonders. We both saw Boo as a rather temporary name, and decided Selene seemed more fitting. She is starting to find her voice, especially in the last few days. We have created a wonderland, and are just starting to explore it. We've got a much more solid idea of what her main form looks like, though she does change it up occasionally. Her personality is developing more, she is sarcastic, playful, curious, and tends to tell me off for doing things that aren't great for the body, like eating unhealthy food. We have even practiced possession a bit, she has some ability to control my right arm, and helped unload the dishwasher yesterday. 12/18/17 Today I listened to a guided meditation/hypnosis type thing to help with accessing our wonderland, and had my most vivid experience with it yet. Selene and I went for a walk on a path along a river. I asked her if she knew of any cool places to visit, and she mentioned a waterfall just ahead. We got there, and decided that since we ultimately control what goes on, we could jump down to the bottom without being harmed. Excited that it worked, I decided to ask Selene to hit me as hard as she could to see what would happen. She hit me in the jaw, knocking me over. I even felt a stinging sensation where she hit me. Once I was back up, an assassin suddenly appeared, and Selene turned into a huge wolf to scare him off. We decided to pursue him, with me riding on her back. When we caught him, he decided to commit suicide with a pill. I sense an adventure in the future! We then returned to our home riding motorcycles, and called it a day. Or so I thought. An hour later, I heard Selene calling for help, she said she was under attack in the wonderland. I got there as quick as I could, and 3 more people dressed like the previous assassin were trying to trap her with a net. I pulled out a pistol and shot them, then freed Selene from the net. We then noticed many more of them approaching us in the distance. I shot at them, then decided the pistol was too slow and shot some sort of energy beam from my hands to drive them away. It worked, and we retreated inside our cabin. We comforted each other, and discussed what happened. I found a computer that was able to designate the area immediately around our home as a safe space, free from attack. With a bit more practice, I can see this being far more immersive than any video game.
  9. Sure, I suppose use you can use these as inspiration. What she is wearing is usually rather vague when I'm visualizing her, so feel free to be creative with the dress. Thanks!
  10. Hi Slipper, I'd love a drawing of my tulpa, Selene. She is rather tall and imposing, with horns, and a pointy tail. She looks like she is in her late 20's, with a bit of an athletic/muscular build. Her hair is shoulder-length white with gray roots, parted down the middle. She generally has lots of dark eyeliner, silver eyes, and red or black lipstick. She usually seems to be wearing a white or gray dress. Personality wise, she is curious and playful, and pretty sarcastic. Here are a few pictures pulled from the web that don't seem too far off: Being able to use the picture as a phone wallpaper is a plus. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm Lyscii, and I stumbled upon the concept of a tulpa about a week ago. I was awestruck that everything I've read so far has been rather familiar, as I managed to create a tulpa without consciously trying back in March. I was meditating one night, then suddenly I saw a figure that looked remarkably like Baphomet standing at the foot of my bed. We chatted (and did some other things) for a bit and they mentioned that they were constructed in my mind, and could stick around if I liked. I agreed, and I payed attention to her for about a month before my interest waned due to me not really having any idea what I was doing. During that time she also appeared as a wolf, and as a woman with horns and a tail. I gave her the name Boo, though we both see it as a placeholder till one of us comes up with a better name. Looking back, it seems like I was already doing visualization exercises that are not too far off from some of the stuff in Tulpa's guide to Tulpamancy. So while it seemed like something totally out of the blue, I guess I was putting in the work beforehand without knowing it. Now that I have some idea what is going on, I've payed her much more attention, working on active and passive forcing, and helping flesh out her personality more. Last night I started work on a wonderland. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.