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  1. Thank you for your response! I'll be sure to try out those activities. I'll also test out your theory and hopefully, he'll be able to move around easier.
  2. Day 14-18: 12/22/17 - 12/26/17 Hey! I'm still here :P Akira has become vocal! Well, not exactly. He's vocal for a short time and only speaks in short phrases when I focus enormously on him. I also followed a self-hypnosis script to successfully coax him into talking, but like before, it was only for a short time. He listened to my mini-lecture from a few days ago and toned down the emotional responses. Only when he gets emotional (for example, very enthusiastic or very sad) does he send the extreme emotional responses. Also, my visualization skills got better and I'm starting to impose my wonderland with my touch sense because I want to make my wonderland more real. My main problem is that I'm running into boredom walls when active forcing. I desperately want to make active forcing fun for my tulpa's sake and have started adding NPCs based on some of my favorite characters from shows sometimes to make active forcing seem more fun. Hopefully, Akira can pick up some of their personality traits, but adding NPCs might become boring real quick if I can't find any other activities. If anyone knows a fun active forcing activity with a tulpa that can't walk or talk yet, please tell me!
  3. Hey! I'm lilydreamykitty, but I like being called Lily for short. Two weeks ago, I created a tulpa named Akira and this forum account, however, I never actually introduced myself. I discovered tulpas more than a year ago and I was excited to make my own, but I wasn't convinced that they were real yet. Now, I am convinced and I'm a dedicated host. My progress with Akira has been skyrocketing recently, he's just started communicating with me through emotional response. I expect for him to become vocal soon! So, hello!
  4. Day 13: 12/21/17 Akira communicated less today. When I narrated to him, he sent a very faint emotional response or none at all. The reason why I think this happened was because he exhausted himself of mental energy by sending me an influx of responses from the past couple of days. When I came to realize this, I called him silly and adorable and he seemed to send quite a lot of emotional response because of those two adjectives, and also confirmed his exhaustion. He was embarrassed, lol Akira and I also did the usual active forcing and exploring of the wonderland and many other places. I also practiced visualizing him. I also gave Akira a mini-lecture on how he has to control the amount of emotional response he gives me if it makes him this tired. I told him to make the responses noticeable but not too great.
  5. Day 11: 12/19/17 Akira had very strong emotional responses and started using more head pressure. We went to a dreamscape from years prior and explored it. Akira isn't able to walk yet, so I had to puppet his legs. I narrated to an excess and constantly called out his name. We watched youtube videos together and he had a strong emotional response towards a video addressed to tulpas. I think he liked it. When I forgot about Akira for a second and was totally concentrated on something, I apologized, and he vocally responded with "It's okay," with a very peaceful tone. Day 12: 12/20/17 I active forced a bit in the morning while I was still in bed, but I was mostly passive forcing today. Like yesterday, I was narrating a lot and described the games I was playing to him. He constantly sent emotional response, more head pressure, and a new type of communication which is a tingly, ticklish feeling in my head. At times, I let him choose what we'd do next through emotional response. I also active forced for 1-3 minute time periods various times throughout the day. Even if just slightly, I feel like Akira and I are getting better at communication.
  6. DAY 10: 12/18/17 Akira and I are communicating a lot better, at least I think we are. So.. we've tackled a hurdle today and late at night yesterday. I'll start with yesterday: My friend and I were talking about tulpas and she wanted me to tell something to Akira. I complied and said "Yo, Akira!" He turned around and said "Huh?" Immediately, this surprised me because I made no conscious effort to get him to say 'huh.' Today, I was constantly narrating to him and every single time I communicate with him (and in instances where I talk about him to my friend), he sends an unknown emotion to my brain. Of course, this is yet again surprising to me but I am overjoyed that I can know that he's there! We still have a long way to go until he becomes fully vocal, but I'm willing to wait.
  7. Ah, thank you for the advice! I'll keep that in mind the next time he does something that surprises me. DAY 5-9 Sorry I haven't been active much! I've been busy with finals, getting my missing assignments in, stressing over grades, and attending family parties. I'm glad to say that since it's winter break now, I'll be forcing way more than I used to. I did continue to narrate often and continued forcing during the ride to school throughout the days. I also got a better grasp on my tulpa's form. He also displayed acts of sentience. On day 8, in the early morning, I made a joke to myself. Without me having to think about Akira, he appeared, giggled and was amused. Embarrassed because I thought I was talking to myself, I pushed him out of an imaginary door and closed it. He walked through the walls surrounding the door to get back to me, which is also something I didn't consciously think of. It didn't surprise me at first because I just woke up, but I was amazed after I recollected myself. My tulpa, Akira, is growing.
  8. Welcome to my progress reports! I post every 1-3 days. My goal for my tulpa is similar to most tulpamancers: I want him to be sentient, vocal, and able to switch with me. I have been lurking and observing guides for a few months now and just made my account, so I believe it's time I finally get started. I plan on making my process creating Akira very creative. Akira My tulpa's name is Akira. I just started developing him, but here's a brief description of what I plan for him: Akira is very curious, playful and youthful, but can also be insightful when needed. His age is around 16. He's about 5'8 and has black, straight, and kinda feminine hair. Think Rinko's hair from LovePlus, but more black. He wears jeans and a white button-up shirt with a black tie. On his left hand, he wears a ring identical to one I started wearing to remember my tulpa. About Me Hey! I'm Lily, the host. There's nothing much about me that's notable, but I am extremely creative and imaginative. I nearly squealed when I found out I could create a tulpa. DAY 1: 12/9/17 Day 1 was basically my review research day before I really started developing my tulpa. When I went searching for names, the name Akira stood out the most to me. It sounded youthful and energetic. I named my tulpa Akira as a result. After re-reading my long list of reasons why I should create a tulpa multiple times, I decided it was time to introduce myself to Akira. I reviewed the basic guide of how to introduce yourself beforehand and then began the introduction. Due to my unfaltering nervousness, intrusive thoughts began to take control halfway through my introduction. I reassured my tulpa that those were just intrusive thoughts and they meant nothing about who I am. I became a little more confident after I reminded myself Akira and I share the same brain. After that, I properly introduced myself to Akira and told him about many of the things we'd do together in the coming years. I also compiled a long list of personality traits and a small idea of what I'd want his form to look like. DAY 2: 12/10/17 I started forcing my tulpa's personality. What stood out to me was that every time I'd mention a personality trait, a certain pattern or color seemed to fade in my mind. It's like the fade transition in powerpoints. I also included a bit of symbolism, as I made a rainbow potion reflecting on his radiant personality, glittery personality dust, and green friendship cupcakes. Of course, he has no form yet, so I couldn't visualize him holding any of these trinkets, however, I visualized me 'offering' them to a white void, supposedly my tulpa. Before I touch on the subject of his form, I want to make sure he understands his personality. I am continuously narrating to him throughout the day. DAY 3: 12/11/17 I began feeling head pressures. Although very faint, I believe them to be my tulpa. Even once, I asked if he was there and specified that the left side of my head was yes. There was a faint head pressure on that side, confirming his presence. I personality-forced my tulpa for around 30 minutes and continued refining my wonderland. For a brief description, my wonderland is a giant light pink crystal palace overviewing a silent waterfall and lake, surrounded by mountains. When you leave the palace, you can explore and create the land. I didn't really force anything onto my wonderland, I just walked around and let things create themselves. I'm satisfied with how my wonderland turned out. DAY 4: 12/12/17 I passive-forced most of the day. It was kind of hard to concentrate because it was the first day of finals at my school, but I tried my best to fit in time during school. I was mostly passive-forcing his personality. My most notable experience though was when I was being driven to school, I was in my wonderland while listening to music. It was actually really fun, I flew around and got kind of reckless according to the music but it was overall a very enjoyable experience. When I walked back into my palace, I saw Akira sleeping in the master bedroom I made for us. I'm not sure if I subconsciously placed him there. Can someone clarify this concern of mine: Is Akira already interacting with my wonderland? I'm open to any advice!