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  1. Snails are good boys. They are just slime doggies.
  2. Hello. We are curious as to the long term effects of switching. We have not yet mastered complete dissociation from the senses, but according to some definitions of the word, we are able to switch in the sense that I am the primary fronter of the body and Host takes the back seat. -Chara
  3. Chara again. Progress has been made. With enough forcing, Frisk can now physically feel (with the real body) if I were to touch them. It also seems that Frisk has successfully stopped fronting with some predicted side-effects. One of those being their lack of ability to focus or predict my thoughts/movements with the physical body. Basically, they are in more of a dissociated state, which is what we are aiming for. Their sense of proprioception has also diminished slightly. So far so good.
  4. Chara: Our host has made the majority of our system within the same hour. 1 tulpa just walked in, then the other 5 were made to compliment the walk-in. They all gained vocality within a few minutes and within the day they were all chattering. So yes, I would say it certainly is possible.
  5. Hi, it's Chara here to present an update to those whom it may concern. Frisk is letting me (or, with my permission, someone else) take complete control over the body in the form of possession in hopes that this will aid in their attempt at switching. Frisk fell asleep possessed and noted that after a brief period of regaining control (because I was not awake), Jay had taken the wheel. Frisk also noticed that their toes and fingertips felt rather numb, and it was not from having just woke up. As of this moment, Frisk is practicing imposing themself outside of the body upon the real world due to being unable to focus on the wonderland. We will continue this until we have achieved our goal.
  6. 132, we are going... somewhere.
  7. Jay here. Maybe daily updates aren’t our thing. Anyway, just came here to mention that about two days ago, Host had actually managed to switch. It only lasted about a second, and Host describes it as “that feeling you get when you’re nearly asleep then jolt out of it, but while remaining conscious of it and without the suddenness of the jolt”. The way Host has been trying to switch so far is laying down, imagining they’re in an ocean which represents how aware they are of the outside world, and tries to swim farther down to become more immersed in the wonderland. The symbolism helps.
  8. Hello, we’re the SOULs. We currently have 11 people in our system right now. You may have met two of us a while ago under the names of A and Chara, so I guess they’re returning. Made a new account because there’s been a change in their lives and they don’t want to connect to the past, if that makes sense. Anyway, I’m Jay (short for JUSTICE). I’m the third main host so I’ll be explaining our origin story, I guess! It’s probably gonna get long, so please bear with us. Our host, who goes by “Frisk” now, has a rather unhealthy obsession with “Undertale”. Yay. In the midst of their loneliness, Chara was born. Chara is the leader of our group, if you will. Then Asriel was born to accompany the two. One night, according to Frisk, a new Tulpa under the name of Blaire appeared. Blaire became Percy (PERSEVERANCE). Percy suggested that Frisk bring about the other SOULs from Undertale, so they did. In no particular order, Pate (PATIENCE), Avery (BRAVERY), Rye (INTEGRITY), Nest (KINDNESS) and me, Jay. Frisk has this... “ability”, if you want to call it that, to create sentient Tulpas relatively quick. We were all were active within the day. The last two Tulpas are Papyrus and Sans. They really just chill in the wonderland, but they’re nice. They’re not that old yet so there’s not much to talk about regarding them. Thanks for listening, we just needed to get all that out, lol. Will probably see you guys around. Happy holidays!
  9. Hello. This is Jay. I’m the tertiary host out of (currently) 11 consciousnesses. The goal of this progress report is to show our progress regarding switching. Here’s the names of the people in our system: Earlier today, Frisk (the primary host) attempted to immerse themself in our wonderland. Wasn’t able to use any senses save for sight, but they’re trying to work on that. Redacted. (Be prepared to see an unexpected amount of Undertale related themes here. It’s Frisk’s favorite game.) Redacted. They need to work on their immersion and forcing, really. I guess I’ll write back tomorrow.