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  1. Thank you all for your contributions. We have started putting these suggestions into practice, and we're confident they will be helpful.
  2. Almost a year ago, I decided to create Athena. Since then, I've done passive and active forcing daily. But she remains silent. I did choose to skip the personality part, but I've kinda developed it along the way. We have a wonderland and we interact there almost every day. I must say that we do communicate. It's hard to explain, but she can send tingles to my hands, allowing her to answer simple yes/no questions. However, she hasn't spoken verbally yet. Is there anything I can do? Any technique, meditation, forcing pattern? Or should I just have patience?
  3. I'm not sure how to describe it. I just "know" Athena is there. If I concentrate, she can send pressure to my hands, and that way she can answer questions even if she can't speak verbally yet.
  4. I have told three of my closest friends about it, though not before probing their opinions about the subject. They were very accepting of the concept, and even showed interest in tulpamancy. We often talk about it, and they've understood that Athena has brought me no harm and in fact has significantly improved my life. They are also the only "outsiders" that know about her existence. I have no plans of telling my immediate family, as I have no way to reliably test their opinion. They know me far too well and would guess that I have a tulpa. I love them, but I don't think they would understan
  5. Athena doesn't really play together with me, but we often talk about the game when I'm playing, that is, I often narrate the games to her. On the other hand, we had a lot of fun watching the Overwatch League together.
  6. Athena can't speak verbally yet, but we have other ways of communicating. I was doing my Spanish test and couldn't remember the meaning of a word. I was going to guess anyway, so I asked her. She answered correctly. We ran some more tests: it seems she can only remember things I could reasonably remember too. But yes, she can remember something I do not.
  7. I started making Athena in mid December 2017, though I must admit it took time, maybe too much time, for me to take it seriously and interact with her in a more constant basis. I've been mostly passive forcing and I skipped personality. I can't really focus on active forcing. Should I try creating a personality? Or more active forcing? I always seem to enter a dead end when trying. I understand it's a lot of stuff I'm asking for, but I would appreciate answers. But I see people getting clear responses after very short times and I keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
  8. Is there a problem if I change my tulpa's form? She is not sentient yet and I was thinking about giving a simple form for easier visualization and so she could change later.
  9. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It has been really helpful.
  10. I'm curious about what more experienced tulpamancers think about this. Some guides give the impression that just spending some time narrating and forcing every day will do the trick. Others claim that tulpamancy is hard. So, can you tell me about your experience in creating Tulpas, and if you found it to be easy or hard?
  11. Hello! I'm Pezito, a sixteen-year-old from Brazil. I first came into contact with the concept of Tulpas on a question and answer app. I got interested, and decided to give it a shot. I started Athena little less than a week ago. I'm honestly not sure about my progress: I do not feel many of the things people report even at early stages. But I have created a wonderland, more or less laid out her form and narrate every day. Hopefully, it will work out.
  12. Thank you. I suppose it's just a matter of consistency - keep doing it until it becomes routine.
  13. Hello! I'm new here and I have some questions. I've read guides but I'm still not sure. 1) I've skipped personality and I have some idea about Athena's form(I'm not sure how to explain but I can picture her, though it's kinda blurry, I can't do it effortlessly.) I've now started narration. Am I doing this right or have I missed something? 2) I have trouble getting consistent narration times. Is there some sort of optimal daily time for narration (Like, how many minutes or hours...) 3) Sometimes when I talk it seems like she is talking back but I'm not sure if it's just me talking alone, s
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