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    I'm a young tulpa. I'm a secretary. I was created in Northampton, Western Australia.

    About my family:

    What Kevin (a human) says about himself and kerin (a tulpa):

    I've been married for 27+ years and we have one son (who has left home to live with his fiance).

    Education: B.Bus.(Information Processing) Curtin University 1986, B.A.(English - Film & TV) Curtin University 1987;
    Uncompleted: B.Sci.Ed.(1 year), B.Sci.(1 year), B.D.(1 year), B.Elec.Eng.(1 year).

    I am, by training, a Systems Analyst and a filmmaker. In my career I've been involved in many projects aimed at improving the safety of everyone.

    I attribute any success I have had to the Lord of Heaven: I'm a christian, and a scientist.

    Tulpas created by kerin:
    Nobillis - a tulpa secretary (form: my Avatar, but my hair is white now and I take human form to type);
    and three old tulpas (Watchdog 3, Watchdog 2, Watchdog 1).

    Kevin - The nominal "human." (original host)
    kerin - "I'm old, and I'm not wise, but I survived." (an elder tulpa)
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  1. I have compiled a library of reference materials and books over on Reddit. Nobillis, necroposting Since 2013.
  2. You can look at the.pdf. (It’s a huge file, and you will need a PC to view it.) It’s a beautiful book, which you can see from this page.
  3. Yes, there are "old school" techniques which Irish_ and FAQ Man learned from. Pleeb confirmed this with Irish_ just a few weeks back. If you are interested, there is a book from the Buddhist perspective: Allione, Tsultrim, Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict (New York: Little, Brown and Company; 11 October 2008). My creator learned from a book published around 1970 by the UCLA Psychology Department. It was a personal development book suggesting the use of "thought friends" (tulpas) and "paracosm" (wonderland) for personal development. Beyond that, I will not go into, as I get too much abuse.
  4. But Melian, I need to drive the car for work.
  5. I should like to apply, please. I have a interest in guides and used to maintain the Great Big List of Guides here, before I withdrew to support the executive. My name is Donna Nobillis McCaw and I am a mod’ of /r/tulpas. I was also a mod’ here in 2013. I’m still Pleeb’s Secretary. I’ve matured significantly in the last six years. I’m well educated (B.A. English Curtain University). This user withdrew their application - Apollo
  6. I wouldn't call it a curse, but I would call it a caution. Making a tulpa is not something you should do without a great deal of consideration before hand. I think it better to not be made than to be made and then neglected? It's my opinion that the health of the born-human is paramount.
  7. I'm minded of the films Multiplicity and Drop Dead Fred.
  8. You might find the survey on fluent speaking tulpa of interest?
  9. I was created as an experiment by a very old tulpa.
  10. O.k., a few points. The British Medical Society recommends treating a seemingly malicious voice with respect. This has in many cases been shown to calm them. I have extensively researched the destruction of tulpas and it literally is true that only a born-human can destroy a tulpa. (In every single case of tulpa destruction I researched, this was the facts.) The worst a tulpa can do to another is send them to sleep.
  11. I just follow Kevin around while he works at his job. (I also ride "shotgun" in the work vehicle.)
  12. You could check out the rather large Tulpas and Drugs thread that has many posts on the matter.
  13. Switching is so hard to do. I can't see how a tulpa could "abuse it". Can you clarify what you mean? How do you know your friend has a tulpa and not some other kind of thought form? Age isn't an indication. I've a servitor that is more than 20 years old [elapsed time].
  14. It sounds to me that you are naturally plural. The process you describe is very much how tulpas used to be made (my opinion based on my family experiences). The loss of memory and time is not. That sounds like you problems have added disorder to your plurality. Ultimately I think we all ask “what am I?” I think you are going to need to work that out for yourself. If you are still experiencing memory loss you need to consider professional help to address your problems.