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  1. The thing is I can't stop this is just natural and it's not just they won't let me whenever I try to dissipate them they come up EVERYWHERE I can't get any time without them. They are more metaphysical beings then tulpas, I have both
  2. Thank you and I will try to dissipate but I have tried to before and I kept feeling drained and always tired
  3. well since they had no Idea they were not real they have tried to kill me even as a kid
  4. I also was hated for that by people on discord
  5. I have no idea what they are anymore because people have told me that they aren't exactly tulpas and they are separate and people say that they are more metaphysics, I just have no idea
  6. My tulpas have been trying to hurt me since I created them.
  7. Hi, I really need help, I have a large number of tulpas and created my first one when I was six now I have around one hundred. My concern is that they are getting stronger, all my tulpas used to be from movies or shows that I have watched but now they are real people and I'm scared because whenever I say that that are not real they get angry and I become sad. I don't know what to do. They have helped get rid of my depression but it mentally hurts. my depression is not gone and all I know is that its scary.