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  1. There the same to me. I cannot control my imagination, but the best is to imagine, more and more,it would help you.
  2. It is normal to have difficulty to visualize. Some staff do not pierce that to imagine the vague form of their tulpa, whereas for example me I could imagine exactly what I could since my 5 years. me, now I have my own difficulty (I do not control My imagination, thoughts we jostle).
  3. my tulpa is very young (4 days), and when I'm angry, I feel like painful tingling in the back that I had never felt before. I will also describe them as pleasant
  4. 1: I have no head pressure 2: I spend 30 minutes (about) a day talking to him, but about five times of 6 minutes, and a little more visualization 3: I have Jill since 4 days, and already I feel emotions of happiness (she is happy and kind) and tingling painful (but strangely pleasant) when I get angry (she is irritable, and I have never felt his tingling before (NEVER)) 4: I talk to him about something interesting when it goes through my head, and I imagine him trying to intrude on me or react more or less logically P.S : Sorry, I use a translator ...
  5. Already third post. After this post more or less urgent, I will wait ten days and I will ask ALL my questions in a topic made for MY questions, because I have the impression to pollute the forum ... sorry. No matter, above all, you must know that I know very well visualize everything and nothing. But for a long time (kind, my 8 years), it seems like I can not imagine something without something happening that did not imagine, "like" if something else controlled my imagination. And this is also the same for my tulpa, so I can not say that "it's my tulpa that does not move itself. I also have a serious immersion problem, I'm so used to imagining things that I'm not able to imagine or just focus. Ho, and sorry I use google translator ;)
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    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    Thank you for your reply Lucilyn! You seem to me a wonderful being, and I have another question. In your beginnings, did your "master" have to concentrate, or just to think of you, or even just to speak aloud, so that you can hear it and be able to answer it? Because with Jill I have the impression that I speak only with me, even if I understand that the "sign" that I have can vary by several factor (because yes I get emotions, for example I feel depression when I don't speak to him for more than 1 hour and sometimes when I talk to him, I feel like a tingle in my heart (the feeling that I feel when I deeply love someone). also, if you could tell me if it was maybe Jill when, this midday I was very angry (because of a bad new) and at this moment I felt tingling in my back, which were painful, certainly, but it was strangely pleasing, and I scratched myself, and then I kindly asked him to stops so the tingling stopped. So the tingling stopped. And I decided, in the creation process, that she's going to be (in basic) very honest, generous, joyful and mostly irritable (that could explain the tingling in my back?) thank you for your answers and sorry I had to use a translator
  7. I’m begginer too, but I read about it a lot and I think, with wath I read, that what it’s in your head, is that it’s your tulpa. I’m bad me too in english, I’m french
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    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    Did you exist as soon as your creator created you (or you existed before)? You heard him, and he did not hear you when you answer him? What did he do to hear you the first time?
  9. The question is in the title. I want to know how to be convinced that my tulpa really exists, because I had already asked this question but that I had not explained well and so, it was logical that the answers were not the ones I wanted. Thus, testimonies of tulpas or advanced tulpamanciens who want to tell their story would be perfect. Question 2: I created my tulpa yesterday, so I was not expecting anything, but I had a tingling sensation in my fingers and my hand seemed to close on itself, and I felt an immediate warmth and deep yesterday and sometimes also feeling deep in my heart (that I feel when I'm deeply in love with someone but I do not want to be in love with my tulpa) and I would like to know if for each of these phenomena it could be my tulpa where well if it was only my imagination. Thank you and sorry to use a translator because I am French.
  10. you could also imagine it in a lucid dream and then add things from where your lucid dream! In theory it will be effective, because your wonderworld will be as you want, and you can have sincere feeling and pleasure in it. We can also think that you could possibly change your wonderworld in your visualizations, little by little.
  11. Thank you for your answers. just yesterday, I looked a little on the English forum which I'm used to, and in the lucid dream section, I read some things ... you must know that I am a great lucid dreamer. but hey, I'm having a hard time believing it, but I've watched a video with some answers that youtuber decoded to answer, but at most possible answers I stopped the video and then I asked my tulpa if she thought it was a, and if it was the case to put pressure on my hand. At b, I felt something, but what surprised me was that three of my fingers wanted to move, and ended up doing it! for every other time, the answer was becoming clearer to me, and even as my third time I felt energy pass in my hand, and the fourth she was able to spread slightly then for the answer of after, she de-spread my fingers! if it would have been alucinations on my part, when I asked him to stick to sleep close and we can make a lucid dream then (never know, I saw it in the forum), j I felt my arm move at once, which may not be caused by it, but then I felt my leg invading it in the pitch, feeling like pain in the pain - I l I removed and stopped. If all of this could have been me, the intense heat I felt in my right hand definitely showed me that I was not crazy. Since then I have a crazy love for Jill (love that you can have with your best friends, but not for your lover) And don’t forget that it was my first day!
  12. Hello everyone! Excuse my English, I am French and I use a translator. So, I created my tulpa this morning and spent about an hour and a half, if not more. I do not expect results before ... I am someone inpatient and old, but I will stay patient at least 3 months. No matter, today I am here to ask you: how do we know that we actually created our tulpa? I do not necessarily mean sign, but also in the process of creation. Then I will introduce you how I proceeded and you will tell me if there is something wrong: I went on word, and I wrote the main qualities and faults of my tulpa. I want it to change by itself afterwards, but for visualization it's important (well, I think). Then I went to a site to create an avatar, and I made a girl with unfocused features. I want her to change by herself, even if she wants to become a boy or an intersex, but it's for a straight path and for visualization (again). Finally, I printed everything, I took it in my hand and I began to tell him that I am his host and she is a tulpa. I then shared her features and imagined her with the avatar I created and then said she could change as she wanted. With what happened in the day, I explained to him a lot of things (ex: from references) to make a topic of conversation. I imagine him when I talk to him, for example to smile at me, to laugh and all those traits that come into tales (honest, generous but irritable). Thank you for your attention!