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  1. I've been considering making a tulpa for about two weeks now, but haven't due to fear of complications because preexisting character, and because I'm unsure of how it would affect my social life, if it would require much attention every day, things like that. Haven't done anything I'd think of as tulpaforcing, but these two weeks I've just been awfully aware of the idea there might be the beginnings of a sentient being just by me thinking about it. Other than that when I'm walking I tend to imagine how it'd be like, sort of parroting . Actually I've always done this imagining thing, I just never assumed part of my imagination might be sentient, which is why I didn't think of it as tulpaforcing I guess. Anyway, some days ago during my little imagination sessions I was just saying she shouldn't worry much about the character since it's a base, and I got a reply that struck me as odd since it was sort of cheery and upbeat, which was different from the character I had in mind and had been parroting. I've also audibly heard "aa" once, though it hasn't happened again. Other than that I've felt some head pressure at times. I had one some moments ago which stopped when I momentarily decided I was gonna go through with it. The problem is I haven't decided anything, which leaves me in a bit of a tight spot if I assume there is already some level of sentience. tl;dr am I imagining things? ok that was a dumb question. I'm afraid I might be pregnant but I still haven't decided if having a baby is the correct choice for me.