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  1. Hey there! I'm J, or formerly known as "The Host". I'm here on behalf of my friend to talk about all of the tulpas I've had in my life, and how all of them being naturals, experienced hell and back and remember everything vividly. We're mainly giving support to Naturals existing. Of course, "The Kids" won't be featured, most of them aren't old enough to actually do so without making a mess, so without further ado, Exodus! Exodus: Hey! I'm Exodus. I was created just after the Malachi fiasco. The name "Malachi" will be thrown around a lot, but it will make sense once everyone accidentally pours what they're about and such. I was created out of the stress of something, most of us are made out of stress, some just came here. Feliciano: Hey there! I'm Feliciano. I was created after Exodus, At first, I was just going to be called "Cheese" and Cheese would be called James, but they insisted on Italy's name in Hetalia, Feliciano. I help out "The Kids" by cooking for them and being a servant, I really enjoy it for the long haul! T'nera: Nice to see this place again! You've already known me, so I don't need that much of an introduction. I'm part of "The Soul" sector, meaning I'm part of the original tulpas. I used to be Malachi, the person involved in the Malachi fiasco. He's been repurposed to what I am today, and I think they did a wonderful job! Tam: Hey there, I'm Tam! From what I remember, I was "The Mayor" in the old times, and I've been recently found in the city that was buried by "The Bad", Malachi and Cosmic Chase, basically I'm probably the most forgotten in the modern times. Nona: Waddup, I'm Nona, I'm 19, and I never learned how to--I should... stop with the... vine references... Tam: You're supposed to explain yourself. Nona: Eh Tam: Well that's Nona, formerly Cosmic Chase, part of "The Bad", moving on. Cheese: Hey there, I'm Cheese! I'm known as "The Hybrid". I usually assume the role of the host because I'm well suited to lead a group. J just kicks back and does maintenance around here. I am a natural tulpa, just like everyone here explaining their stories. We'll be taking questions and/or ideas and try to help people see Naturals are an actual thing, on behalf of Ryleigh. Again that's an hour, so be quick, critize, do what you need to, I'll be answering to help prove Naturals exist!
  2. Hey there! Being a friend of Ry, I'm here to defend her with my experiences! The only problem is, our semi-host, Cheese, has gone missing, so I don't know much of the stuff he knows. I'm just a tulpa of his. Our true host, J, has honestly just stayed quiet and agreed Cheese is a great leader. Long story, but it's not that much of an importance. After recognizing who we are a few months ago, we kind of delve deeper into understanding who we are. We've actually had a LOT of things happen to use before and after we knew. Before was Malachi, a previous version of me. From what I heard, Malachi didn't cause any intent until Cheese was created. Three years after Cheese was created, he was sick of him and tried to overthrow him. Me and two other tulpas are the first tulpas, but not known. We were all natural, and we don't know how we even came to be. Back to the topic, a few months ago, Malachi finally caught on to destroying Cheese, but with the help of Ry, RD, and Darkflame, we were able to overcome him. After that, it seemed to be habitable for all of us. We're a big mess, but we manage to get over it from time to time. Not too long ago, Exodus was influenced by one of the old tulpas (as we now call them). Everyone thought he was mad, and it was a large war. Cheese found Exodus, and found one of them. He's soon deviated from his normal intentions. Then, a few weeks or a month ago, Malachi acted out and tried his plan again. We forced him in the old mindscape and we waited until his powers were weak, then we repurposed him into who I am today. Now, a fourth old-one, created by us, managed to reveal himself and mess with us. One of the tulpas, Chase, soon created a family with the unused tulpas, and it became the highlight of our crappy life. Don soon found out about the family, lured them into vulnerability, and kidnapped them. Before that, they kidnapped Cheese before. The family was set free, but Cheese became a big mystery. Yesterday, we received news from Exodus, who has been looking through all the mindscapes via memories, that Cheese was stuck in the tulpa limbo someone created long ago. Again we really don't know his return, but he's still here. In conclusion, Tulpamancy shaped Cheese's, or J's life to a different direction. With the muse of Ry, Darkflame, and RD, we turned into a collective bunch who function Cheese, or J.