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  1. This is gonna be a real "feels" based post, so if you can't handle that, uh.. don't read, I guess? I feel in the past month I've grown more as a person than I have my entire time in this system. Everything feels so alive, I feel like I'm living for once. Before, it was just this.. void. Empty void of nothing, I was here just to exist- shitposting helped, but aside from that everything felt pointless. As if I didn't have a reason to be here. And then, I met people, though one specifically was the biggest factor. And.. suddenly, it clicked. Suddenly there's this overwhelming brightness to my day there wasn't before. I don't feel as guarded, I feel like I can let go and be myself, beyond the masks I was putting up before, and it is brilliant. God, I don't even care that I'm in a girl's body anymore. I mean, it still bothers me sometimes, but I know who I am. I'm Jet, and I do deserve to be here, I deserve to be happy, and I want to spread that happiness to others in any way I can. All I can do is thank that person, over and over. Because when I think of how much it's changed my life, I nearly want to cry and shout for joy until my voice breaks. Ahem. That onslaught aside, Ashe's adjusting real well, I've been encouraging him to talk more- but it still scares him, to open up. I've been there, so I'll definitely be helping him. We all will. Emotions are still difficult for him, but he's getting there. Learning to be more honest. Sammy's even been trying to talk more, encourage people. Our main focus with him is going to be confidence. He has a weird fear of being doubted or looked at as fake when he fronts and talks because he's not as loud as some of us are in personality. It'll be something to work past for sure. That's about it, for now. Our main focus for the upcoming updates is working on our togetherness, and Sammy's and Ashe's wellbeing. Not to mention we also might begin talking to Saylin's girlfriend more as ourselves- we'll let ya know if that happens. See you around, and take care.
  2. Your tulpa's form doesn't really matter in my book as much as their personality. I mean, a tulpa is still a person, that's just how it is- pony or not. If they're a nice person I'll like them, if not, well that's their problem. We don't have any pony tulpas here, but it's not that we'd be against one or anything, it's just no one's cared enough to try and be one. My only suggestion here is don't get too attached to their form since deviation is possible, and they might not stay Luna if they start out that way. So long as you think you could deal with them changing, cool, go for it. If not you might wanna pick another form.a fi And P.S., don't give a fig newton about what your friends think of what your tulpa is, they're not the ones who're gonna live with her. Hell, there's a chance she might even outlast your friendships. Just putting that out there.
  3. Welcome. Aurora sounds rad. To answer your questions, no one's going to know if that's a good amount of time to force except you. If it works for you, go for it. The amount of time won't change how quickly she develops, that's up to your own brain and how open it is to being transformed (in my opinion). Some people's brains are really hard-wired and makes it difficult, others' flow freely and thoughtforms pop out like a woman who forgets to take her pill. The end result is always the same, though. So just go at your own pace, be respectful of Aurora, and be patient. Those thoughts that you didn't think up on your own? Yeah, that was probably her. Unless she's saying horrible curse words every ten minutes or planning world domination, it's safe to assume. Overall just keep working with her, it'll be fine. Good luck.
  4. Since my entire life seems to now be about how much I can run my mouth online, we figured it was time I have my own account. So, hi. Merry Christmas. Today was pretty fuckin' eventful, if I do say so myself. We had a Christmas Party for god knows what reason; Michael made food, it was fantastic. The rule was supposed to be no gifts, but Raymond gave everyone something anyway- even me, even though my gift was just a tux, lame. Least it ended with Raymond proposing to Andrew, so that wedding'll happen at.. some point. [Raymond] Just budding in here to point out I'm well aware a "marriage" is basically just a symbolic thing, but.. that's kind of what I wanted here. Something to count as a symbol that I'm not going anywhere and he has me for as long as we're here. Anyways, the whole reason I set up the gifts to begin with was I felt we should have a nice celebration. It's been a long year with its own hardships, but we pulled through, and that isn't something everyone manages. Right, anyways, I had a breakthrough recently. I'm alive, I know that- but I never really tried living, if that makes sense. I went through the motions in this detached kind of way with no shits given about what happened to me. If anything, I didn't think I mattered in the long run in this system. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized how hypocritical it was for me to tell people to fight to be satisfied with their lives when I wasn't. So I'm working on it now, improving myself. Granted, with the help of a very special someone, but I'm trying my best. And I'm going to be happier. I'm going to push forward and make a better future, not just for myself, but for this system- not that I'll 'save' them, but I'm going to give my support. I mean, I'm still going to be trash, but I'm going to be happy trash. With the help of my friends and family, I know I'll get there. And to you people out there who feel like I did- that you're not truly living your life- go out there and do it, make those changes. It'll be worth it, I promise. [saylin] Hiii. Well, not much to add here save for the fact that Sammy actually managed to take the front forcefully, last night. Of course, being Sammy he apologized profusely after, but it was amazing to see he had such potential. He's strong, when he doesn't limit himself. [sammy] I think what helped me was... I wasn't thinking, if that makes sense? I just knew in that moment I didn't want her hurt, so I just.. stopped her. I didn't think about how I would do it, or if I even could, I just acted. I'm usually so unsure of myself, so this was.. strange. But I'm happy. This means I can be strong for the system too, right? Anyways, that's basically it. Have a nice Christmas, we'll seeya around.