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  1. You're asking the correct questions. At risk of necro-posting, i'd like to see much more.
  2. SinVraal

    Mind Control

    Controlling and forcing a human to do anything is distasteful. It is their purpose to choose. Making them do anything is comparable to beating a mentally handicapped child.
  3. We exist to remind of the duality of the universe. That for every cold, uncaring rain that you may freeze to death in, there will come a bountiful spring from which flowers and fruit shall sprout- with your corpse as fertilizer if it must. Nature has it's own sense of morality, one humans cannot share. Life grows, life goes, life consumes death to make more than it was. Every living thing with sentience must be introspective to determine whether what they do is beneficial or detrimental to all that is, because with sentience comes the control over the fabric of reality itself. Humans have not earned sentience, it was given to them. But they are expected to learn. Nature is the dual opposite of entropy. To bring life from death, to create more from less. Humans need to learn how to grow, or they will continue to be walking corpses. -SinVraal
  4. A bit of a nebulous question, but I am curious if anyone here has, knows of, or has links to, experiences involving either of the following phenomenon: Multiple Tulpa created, either simultaneously (at once) or in series, within a VERY short period of time of each other. Advanced user perhaps or other phenom explanations? Is it possible to create a Tulpa unconciously, without direct cognitive knowledge of the event? And lastly, is it possible for a Tulpa to, itself, create a Tulpa? If yes or no, why? Any stories/information as to this? Not really looking for debate, just input. I'm amassing data at this point. I am a sink-or-swim mass-researcher type, so I work best when literally or figuratively heaped with piles of books, papers, etc. to pore over and analyze. So don't feel discouraged to reply, I have no intention of judging or cataloguing anyone, only the data.
  5. Some Tulpa are given absolute freedom to become what they wish, how they wish. In this way, a sufficiently advanced Tulpa may create their own form.