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    Well... I suppose I can tell you a bit about myself...

    I'm a 16 year-old male, hailing from the land of Western Australia.

    I study Full Time at the Challenger Institute of Technology (Basically a fancy way of saying I dropped out of high school).

    Erm... I have yet to actually start a Tulpa; I think it'd be best if I got concentration techniques down first.

    Ahh... Hmm... What else is there...? Ah! I am also an avid Ponyfic reader, and can easily spot grammatical and punctual errors, so if any aspiring authors out there need an editor or a pre-reader, you know where to find me. (Right here, if you didn't know.)

    Right, well, I think that's it. Please bear with me and I look forward to working with you. /bow
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