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  1. As a male I've been thinking about creating a tulpa for quite some time now. In all honesty there's quite alot of reasons that i want to do this (to possibly help mental stability and to share my life with another mindset mainly). The more research I do, the more I stumble upon posts about people who love their tulpa or are in a legitimate relationship with one. While I have nothing against that I found myself asking what about a real relationship? I'd like to have a real relationship in the future, but as I plan to make a tulpa to get very close with (and from what I read about many people creating tulpas and just ending up in a relationship). How many people here both manage a relationship with a tulpa and a relationship outside of ones system? If you do, mind if I ask a bit of background and opinion? I personally wouldn't want to create a tulpa and then explode my head over something like that. Other then that I'm pretty much aiming to create one.
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