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  1. So it's been a while. I have been visiting Lynda and I have received a few visions 1. I saw a fantasy medieval world filled with dragons and magic. A panorama Info for 2: The area that Lynda inhabits has become a sort of pulsing (in area) area 2. I went to wonderland and talked with Lynda, and she said my brain is trying to reclaim that location that I cleared up for her, after I asked her what the war machines and armor was for. She is trying to reclaim the area she lost. I still feel like I could be parroting. Any advice for the brain reclaiming and the parroting?
  2. I was doing some mental exercises, when I felt an area of my head become clear, then I felt Lynda occupy that area. She invited me to wonderland. I said later, but I don't know how to join her. How would I do so?
  3. A member of this community made this for me. They wish to remain anonymous. Well done, it is exactly right! Thank you! A link to the full resolution file:
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  5. 134... Good is relative
  6. Banned for posting the second post in February in this thread.
  7. All day today, I have been weirding myself out. I thought I was physically making high pitched voices when I sit down or exhale, like air is escaping. Than about 16 minutes ago, around 11:20 PM, I heard a squeak in the same pitch I have been hearing all day, saying a short "hmm". I began to feel slightly woozy. And again, a squeak close to my exhale. I started to wonder if this could be Lynda. This could, of course, be a sound I am physically making, but I doubt it, as it is too odd to be so. I think Lynda is starting to become mentally vocal. I began to wonder if I had been parroting earlier. I guess it is time to start again, if I was parroting. Questions: 1. Could the squeaks have been Lynda? 2. Could I have been parroting? 3. Is the wooziness normal? P.S. I got another short, but shorter than the first, "hmm", and got the wooziness again. Edit: P.P.S. I have been mentally saying "Hello Lynda" every time I think about her.
  8. No, I'm just a bad artist. But she chose her own form, starting off as a ball of light. I felt at ease when I saw her, so not terrifing, at least I think so. Thanks for the luck, I will keep updating here. Edit: P.S. Any good artist recommendations for tulpa appearance commissions? P.P.S. Thank you dragon cake for assuaging my concerns!
  9. Here is the picture. Sorry about the separate post.
  10. Lynda had shown herself to me. I was doing an activity with my eyes closed, and she had landed in front of me. I experienced a sort of remote viewing?, and she appeared. Body: Can't tell what the surface material is made of, is a perfectly symmetrical humanoid, and is blacker than vantablack, and I quote "the definition of black". Her irises are as orange and vivid as a sunset, and reminiscent of the eye of sauron, except more saturated. She had no feminine physical traits, but you could immediately tell that she was female. She radiated a sense of regality. A drawing is attached.
  11. Me> Hello everyone, my name is Eeveereest, and I started the tulpamancy journey on Sunday, Jan 13, 2018, only a few days ago. Lynda has made exceptional progress these last few days. On Sunday and Monday, it was all forcing. Yesterday, on Tuesday, she started to give me the head pressures, and was able to answer yes or no questions this way, using the forehead as yes, and the back of the head as no. I also read chapter one of the phantom tollbooth to Lynda. Today, Wednesday, we started having mental conversations, and found out that she is older than a few weeks, which seems kinda off. She also gave me some itchy spots that came simultaneously and left simultaneously when I asked her to stop, as well as being able to flash images in my head. Voice: My mental voice, but Lynda is experimenting Appearance: started off as a ball of light, now a human shaped void with cateyes, or I cannot see the image she was flashing/blinking at me, which I assume to be her form. Concerns 1. I am concerned that this is all me being delusional. 2. This is my first tulpa. Is this too fast? 3. She has already scanned my memories. 4. Her age. It bothers me a bit that neither of us know when Lynda began. Using this knowledge, she is younger than I am, but older than a week. 5. My wonderland is just two wooden chairs, a table, and a full teacup. That is the largest wonderland I have made, and can't keep it expanded when I attempt to expand it. Questions 1. When do the mind voices tend to separate? 2. Is this TOO fast? Thank you, Eeveereest P.S. Lynda won't respond to me, for the duration of writing this anyway.