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  1. For the past week my submental lymph nodes have been pulsating a few minutes in when I force. Is this the result of progress or something else? I ask because it has me worried about my health.
  2. I know this is an ancient thread, but I got the same feeling this morning after only 7 days of tulpamancy, but accompanied by this came a wave of stimulus which I mistook to be some sort of fear reaction on my tulpa’s part at first. I haven’t even been consistent when working on my tulpa, but the night before I worked at least 2 hours on her. I guess this is a wink and a nod to me, or just me getting feedback from her emotions. A side note, if you have tinnitus then the ringing turns into what I can only describe as a prepubescent THX theme for five seconds.
  3. I will start off saying I'm green. I've only been working on my tulpa, Eos's, personality for nar a week. I started on Jan. 12, 2018, and while I have, as of today, Jan. 19th, 2018, experienced some, "spooky action at a non-distance," as I'd like to think Einstein would put it, which will be detailed at the end. I can't help but feel I could do better for both of us, so I'll outline my method as it was practiced so far. Some pointers as in where my methods are lacking or, perhaps, doubtfully, where they are excelling would be much appreciated. Data comes first and a request it comes after. Even though I am essentially a neophyte in tulpamancy, I've read the FAQ and understand it as well more in-depth concepts that i will not list here for fear of tiring anyone's eyes more than they are now. I have a rudimentary understanding of human psychology, and I'm a learned person when concerning philosophy and history. I'm also, Athena thank you for this gift, "a creative writer," so I'm told. This paragraph has a point, and that is if anyone has been aided by knowledge in these fields when developing your tulpa to please share how you applied it. Now to the my main reason for writing this, the meat, or brass tacks, whichever you prefer. I have gone about creating personality in a more free-form way. What I did initially was pick 20 traits and vaguely outline them, then every night in bed when it was quiet I would repeat them via mindvoice, and usually repeat them, slightly outline a trait more, and try to relate them to each other. Below are a few simple iterations of the traits. you are kind, you don't like to hurt others emotionally or physically. you are a realist, you tend not to put a positive or negative spin on a situation. you are rational, you stick with logic and objective facts even if it runs contrary to most people's views. I tried visualizing last night as well, what i did was imagine a brain floating in a void, and when I wanted to give a personality trait I'd imagine a big synapse coming from outside my scope of vision zapping the brain and a image that was related to the word would appear above the brain as the synapse reached the brain. Is there anything more to this method than this? The aforementioned, "spooky action," came after a sensation akin to when stretching took the back of my head and neck by storm accompanied by my tinnitus becoming a prepubescent THX theme, and then a foreign feeling of confusion and alarm came which I assume was a fear response from Eos.