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  1. Think you all for the answers. If anyone is interested, from what I can tell she decided that it is high time an annoying habit of mine (which often interfered with our tulpafocing) ends, so she insisted I do the only think that could end it.
  2. This is an odd question; but did anyone ever had a tulpa that absolutely insisted on you doing something that you quite clearly said you don't want to do and simply refused to let the matter go? The tulpa in question is somewhat vocal (though she is very hard to hear), but I'm rather sure she is sentient, and for more then 6 days in a row she keeps asking the same thing over and over again whenever I interact with her and when I'm not interacting with her there hardly goes a few hours without a torrent or images/thoughts of what she wants me to do going through my mind. It's getting really annoying and is ruining any attempt at tulpaforcing I make.
  3. You don't see it as a coincidence because it is not a coincidence, but what you fail to see is why fanboys acting the way do is an argument against the hypothesis from the video you posted. When you make a comment that is negative towards their console fanboys act the same way some religious people act when you make a comment that is negative towards their God, but we know that the thing fanboys are dedicated to is an actual physical object and not a "profound, dynamic relationship with the self". Now either we will draw the conclusion that the same behavior, triggered by the same stimulus in these two group occurs for completely different reasons or we will draw the conclusion that the reason for the behavior is not because the object of the devotion is a "profound, dynamic relationship with the self" as that is impossible in the case of the fanboys.
  4. Ignoring the Fede parts which have nothing to do with knowledge or intelligence; your advice for creating a knowledgeable and intelligent tulpa is to give it your knowledge and make it curious. Did you need to contemplate long on the nature of knowledge and human mind before being enlightened with such deep wisdom?
  5. How would they apply? Central premise of the video you posted is that the believer is in a quite literal way the God he or she believes in; if the people from my post apply that would mean they literally are PS 3 or X-Box 360.
  6. Given that you see these same "symptoms" in people when they are arguing which gaming console is better does this mean that PS 3 and X-Box 360 are in fact those morons that fill comments section on YouTube videos with posts written with Caps Lock on?
  7. That's pretty much what I'm doing. I go get her in my wonderland and bring her to real world to do whatever it is we will be doing that day; once I'm done I transport her back to the wonderland.
  8. None? Shadow is something are already denying.
  9. The questions you are asking will undoubtedly lead to dissecting and defining of the term "consciousness"; now seeing as sentience is a rather important part of consciousness I don't see how treating them as synonyms will help your discussion. Also even though everyone here uses the word "sentience" you should not assume that it means the same thing each time it is used and to everyone; I haven't spent that much time in this community but in it the term "sentience" is poorly defined and appears to cover a lot of ground. Normally this isn't problem because despite this people are still more-or-less on the same page when they say "sentience", but when more precise answers are required and opposing opinions are presented this will lead to confusion and problems.
  10. You shouldn't be using sentience and consciousness interchangeably. Sentience is the ability to have subjective experiences while consciousness is commonly understood as sentience plus a host of other things; what those thing are depends on who is defining the term. Given what you claim consciousness/sentience can do you are primarily talking about consciousness as it is commonly understood. Unless you separate those two terms and say what you mean when you say "consciousness" most of this thread will be spent on people disagreeing because, while each is using the same words they don't mean the same thing to them.
  11. I have something somewhat similar in my wonderland, only it is not a creature, but a place. It's a dark forest that has that aura of evil and malevolence about it, and the one creature that I know lives there has lunged at me the first time we meet; however oddly enough after we got pass that attempt to rip my throat out and I payed some attention to it (mostly because I couldn't find my tulpa where I left it so I put two and two together and figured it must be related) I found it was quite friendly and cuddly creature. Next time you meet it you might want to try just paying some attention to it instead of fighting it.
  12. Everything you do is determined by your subconsciousness therefore you have no free will. If everything you do is not determined by your subconsciousness then why should everything tulpa does be determined by your subconsciousness? From what I gather the prevailing view here on what is tulpa is that it is something that is highly connected to and emergent from your subconsciousness, but it is not identical to it. That also happens to be an accurate description of what you are, so why should it be fully determined by your subconsciousness while you are not? In addition to this, why can't tulpa alter your subconsciousness? That way I understand it, information doesn't just go from your subconsciousness to your tulpa but also from your tulpa to your subconsciousness so why is it impossible for tulpa to alter parts of your subconsciousness that are related to it? Ignoring the obvious impossibility of consciously doing something you don't want to, because if you are doing it you for one reason or another want to do it, would mind if I ask what is your statement that tulpae can't do that based on?
  13. Yeah. I tried to make tulpa a few months ago, but some time after the beginning I hit a brick wall so I had to drop it; when I tried to continue it after some time I hit an even bigger wall. I'm hoping that once antidepressants kick in I might be able to continue the work but I kind of fear side-effects stopping me this time or reflecting negatively on tulpa in some way.
  14. Are you sure it was antidepressants that made you "numb" and apathetic? If you were on an antipsychotic as well I think it is more likely to cause that then antidepressants.
  15. I was just wondering if anyone here created a tulpa while on antidepressants, and if they did, were there any problems or undesired side-effects do to their use?