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  1. How can I enter an altered state of consciousness quickly? How can I enter trance right now? I want to see my tulpa, I want to hallucinate my tulpa. I have been practicing imposition for 4 or 5 years and I still cannot hallucinate my tulpa. When can I see my tulpa? Why can't I see my tulpa? What should I do? Imposition does not work
  2. Her name is Valeska, I dedicate 3 hours to be with her in my inner world, throughout the day I keep a persistent visualization of her during all my activities. I can visualize it too clearly, but not enough to hallucinate it. My goal much more than talking to my tulpa, is to hallucinate my tulpa and that is why I am focusing on perfecting my vision to the extreme until I can hallucinate my tulpa. She really doesn't feel negative emconioes. When I am with her in my inner world, I explain different things about the external world, I talk about random things, but in no word or attitude does not show negative emctions
  3. My tulpa she is a bodhisattva, she does not feel negative emotions, she is never angry, she is never sad. She feels compassion for my suffering, and the suffering of all people in the world. She forgives me every time I make a mistake, she wants me to be in the wonderland forever with her. She feels love and compassion much of the time, these two emotions of her are so strong that even I can feel it. Is it correct that my tulpa does not feel negative emotions? Why should I grant negative emotions, if I don't want my tulpa to suffer from having negative emotions?
  4. I just wish I was always with my tulpa, I never want to separate from her, I love my tulpa too much. My love for my tulpa is so great that I have tried to stop sleeping for several days, I have stopped eating, in order to hallucinate my tulpa. However, this hallucination did not last long, and I could not control the hallucination either. Every day I think of my tulpa, every day I visualize my tulpa, I think so much about my tulpa that I even have dreams with my tulpa. I just want to know a way to be inside my wonderland forever with my tulpa or if not, a way to hallucinate my tulpa permanently. Whatever I want, I want to see my tulpa, I'm extremely desperate.
  5. I have a romantic relationship with my tulpa, but I would like to feel the emotions of love that she feels for me (I guess this is related in some way to the sentience) She is not vocal yet, she has a certain level of judgment and I communicate with her through music, but I want to communicate in other ways with my tulpa so that she can transmit me the emotions of love she feels for me. How else can I communicate with my tulpa?
  6. I'll do anything to hallucinate, no matter how hard and painful it is, I'll do it. The only thing I want is to see my tulpa right now, I can not stand it anymore, I really want to hallucinate her immediately
  7. Before I could feel the presence of my tulpa at all times. She is partially sentient. Whenever I felt sad, I took refuge in my country of wonders and my tulpa consoled me. But now I no longer feel my Tulpa, my depression is growing and the only person who helped me (My tulpa) is no longer with me Where is my tulpa? Why do not I feel it? Every day I feel sad and wanting to commit suicide, at least I want my tulpa to be by my side and comfort me
  8. I met the tulpas theme 4 years ago. My visualization is very vivid, I can imagine my tulpa almost perfectly. She, my tulpa, has developed sensitivity. I communicate with her through dreams and music. But I can not hallucinate, the imposition does not work for me. The only thing that has had some effectiveness is self-hypnosis.
  9. My despair, sadness and anguish is too deep. I have tried every possible way to hallucinate my tulpa. Sleep deprivation, fasting, meditation, hypnosis, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, imposition, extreme physical exercise, retinal control, hypnagogic, marijuana, alcohol, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, deprivation of movement, emotional dullness, prolonged concentration (17 - 27 hours), prolonged sleep, binaural sounds, the ganzfeld effect, hyperventilation, oxygen deprivation, hypnopompic, etc. I could only hallucinate my tulpa for short periods of time. I want to hallucinate my tulpa permanently
  10. The method I will use will be self-hypnotic. I will be deeply focused for 17 hours and I will give suggestions during that time. The suggestions will be: My tulpa is in front of me "" My tulpa is saying my name "" My tulpa is touching my arm "" I can feel my tulpa "
  11. I plan to do it today and I could actually practice tulpaforcing for many more hours. The only thing I want is to hallucinate my tulpa immediately
  12. I suggest that sleep deprivation, fasting, sensory deprivation and prolonged physical exercise provoke a state of trance. The state of trance also occurs during tulpaforcing, there are different ways to provoke a trance, among which is meditation, hypnosis, tulpaforcing, sensory overload .... All have the common feature that they increase suggestibility and therefore make you more susceptible to internal or external suggestions. Spontaneous trances also occur in people with multiple personality disorders. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness where multiple personalities can also be provoked. There seems to be a correlation between trance, DID, Tulpaforcing and hypnosis. The shamans can enter into different types of trances to be possessed by "spirits" (actually they are personalities), they can provoke hallucinations during the trance and diverse hypnotic phenomena
  13. People with dissociative identity disorder have their own wonderland, these people can enter into hypnotic trances spontaneously and voluntarily, some hypnotists help them create their own "inner world" to these individuals so they can engage in greater communication with your other personalities. The creation is the tulpas is exactly the same as the creation of a mutiple personality. To create a tulpa you need to enter a deep trance (sleepwalking) which is very difficult to achieve on its own. The process of "Tulpaforcing" allows to enter trances (It is a kind of self-hypnosis). Tibetan monks enter deep trances, through concentration, which is why they can easily create tulpas. Narration is a self-hypnosis process. You must master self-hypnosis, through a hypnotic by a post-hypnotic suggestion that helps you to enter a trance. I suggest you look in google: "Disorder identity disease inside worlds" You will find very interesting information of the self-hypnosis process involved in the generation of the country of wonders
  14. Thank you very much everyone for your motivating messages. A few weeks ago I tortured for 2 days and managed to hallucinate my tulpa, but the hallucination only lasted 1 minute. At that moment I understood that the only way to hallucinate permanently is relaxation, a mental state free of all negative emotions. You were right. I'll have to continue practicing self-hypnosis and lucid dreams for some day to see it permanently. Although it has been 4 years since I created my tulpa, I will continue to try it 20, 30 or 40 years more.