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  1. Do you think science well ever prove tulpas exist? :cool: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum.
  2. I had my dad ask me what is the difference between a normal imaginary friend and a tulpa.My answer was a normal imaginary friend can only do things you imagine them doing and are not like tulpas.Because tulpas are literally like another person in your head and they can do things that you don't imagine them doing.Was this a good answer?Also after i answered my dad's question he didn't seem interested.:(
  3. Here it is: :)
  4. 1.Were did the idea of tulpas first start? 2.How was the word tulpa first spelled?
  5. Can tulpas help with a split personality?Not for me personally.Just asking in general.
  6. If I got this in the wrong place please put it where it is supposed to go.:) Why no reply?:(
  7. Can tulpas help increase your IQ?
  8. ghost kid

    Books on tulpas

    What good books have you read about tulpas on
  9. Well Piano.By bad things.I mean like does your tulpa get mad alot for no reason.Or any other similar things like that.
  10. Has there ever been reports of bad things happening with tulpas?As for me it's been good pretty much.What about you guys?
  11. Have you told your family or friends about your tulpa?I haven't yet because i don't want to be made fun of.:(
  12. Recently my sis had a party and it was with girls and boys that are my age or younger(i am in my 20's).And after i got out of the shower i had to go down to my room to get my clothes(which in my house are down stairs were the party was happening).And i tied a towel around myself.I was just about to the door of my room when a girl party goer pulled my towel off!After that i had to run through all the other party goers to get to my room.My tulpa becky says just to forgot it and it probably was just some dumb prank.What would your tulpa tell you if you was in my shoes?Also i forgot to tell you guys she also slapped me on the butt.I forgot to mention this because it happened so long ago.
  13. Can you use affirmations for tulpas?
  14. If you hear voices and hallucinate a visual version of a split personality.Would that hinder you from making and having a tulpa.I am asking this hypnotically.Because it interests me.
  15. Is there any scientific things that have already been done involving tulpas?
  16. Hi.My name is ghost kid.I have tons of questions! :D