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  1. Don't give up. Give it at least 3 months. I like the way you describe things. You are definitely contributing to the forum.
  2. lol. I respect that you tried to draw her. So, she chose it, interesting. I don't have any recommendations.
  3. That's interesting. I want to know if she can help you with these issues. After solving it, do you plan to date other girls while having your tulpa?
  4. Uh, she looks terrifying. She changed or you wanted her to look like that? You are making good progress. Good luck.
  5. I hope you find a job. You have some interesting experiences here. I like the ring idea. You could describe more your wonderland.
  6. I hope you try again and get more motivated.
  7. I think you are progressing fast. Good luck. She is cute.
  8. Why don't you make it in minecraft.
  9. Thanks for the answer, Luminesce. It feels like cheating to me, I don't know why, Its an emotional investment. To me cheating starts with flirting, thinking and etc. I know how it feels (got cheated 4 times). Some girls accept it so you guys should tell them.
  10. Is having sex with your tulpa cheating your girlfriend?
  11. Hi, Theta. Nice to meet you. I am new here too and not a native speaker. I like what you like too and I produce music, we can hangout if you want.
  12. Hi. I am interested in this subject. I am not a native speaker so sorry If I make any mistakes. You guys can correct me but don't be too harsh, I am a sensitive boy, lol.