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  1. I don't know when I made our Sub. Rep. I assume he's one of the first because I think it's possible I made him accidentally back in 2015.
  2. I had a hard time figuring out what I could use as a grounds for reality checks. Clocks? I got lucky a scoreboard spawned at all. The movie I just watched? I'll be lucky if I dream about it a week later. What I ate? I don't think I eat in dreams. Normal everyday things rarely happen in my dreams and they almost never extend so I get the part 2 version, they definitely don't repeat themselves. I should condition myself to think no masks = dream which would be true but also be hilarious later because after the Coronavirus, people shouldn't be wearing masks, so no one would social distance and I might always catch it. I remember stressing about this at least once in a dream, so this is grounds for being very possible to pull off.
  3. I bet some of our headmates would probably want to hang out. The only problem is the grocery store is a place I can easily feel overwhelmed in, I'm not sure how easy of a time I will have having an extra with me. Hey, at least you figured out you were in a dream. I remember looking at a dream score board and then looking at it again WITH IT LOOKING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and no bells ring for me. This is the pinnacle of my dream stupidity... Either that or thinking moving a vertical explosion bomb away from the wall wouldn't set the house on fire. Not only did that dream bomb take out the house, it killed the little girl who got knocked into her birthday cake and motivated her dad to turn evil.
  4. I was worried I had the opposite problem with that episode. Huh, I was worried the pilot was laying out the formula of the show. And Rick did burp a lot now that you mentioned it. I think Rick is drunk the whole time is the gag of the show, but he was extra annoying then. I got the impression Rick was a sadistic sociopath (which might still be true but hopefully it isn't focused on Morty torture). I can give it another try. I have the worst luck with first episodes. I thought the first episode of SU was weird, but after seeing more episodes I didn't like the formula. Uncle Grandpa I couldn't watch after 5 minutes. I'm hoping my perception of R&M improves significantly, because I heard it was made by the same writers of Gravity Falls and cartoon gross out stuff doesn't bother me so much. My dad watched Futurama and I was entertained. I didn't watch all of it in order but I was content with what I watched. Edit: Oh, I forgot to add how I did the page thing- I thought the ... Uh... Calendar? Looking symbol was the line button and that was the first time it broke up my my post like that...
  5. I agree with Bre that it's highly unlikely a whole other alternate universe actually exists with one minor change in it. I think AUs could exist, but not because some random person chose Honey Nut Cheerios over Cookie Crisp to eat for breakfast. As for Rick and Morty- I tried. I watched the first episode and was disappointed. Even though it was interested enough to sit through the whole thing, I just felt like the whole show was Morty being tortured. I didn't enjoy that, and after the first episode I didn't want to watch anymore. I appreciate some of the memes. Pickle Rick is just silly (Don't tell me there's gross context I don't want to know). I don't know what I was dreaming about, I think agario and a death threat (to someone?) were mixed in there for some reason? I don't know if this was a virtual world where someone died to spikes Minecraft style? Why did they need to die? The important thing is my phone alarm interrupted the dream. I remember looking through a flip phone for some reason whole my alarm was going off and after that my brother (dream version) was trying to get my attention. I looked at (whatever the dream scene was) and I'm like "Is it Agario?" (There were weird circle patterns that looked like Agario bubbles. I remember a toy frog was one and the rest looked like pins) my brother kept pestering me until he said "It's dinner time" and I was still very confused. I woke up and discovered my alarm was the culprit. It wasn't actually dinner time, I woke up around 4 pm. My dream has tried to compensate for alarm noises before, this is the first time I remember it being a phone alarm. Edit: wtf??? That line broke my post into pages???
  6. I'm pissed, the forum ate my post and I don't have time to re-write what I wrote. I wonder if my critical mistake was refreshing... I was hitting the submit button over and over thinking I quadruple posted. [Ranger] That wasn't a shit post Nice haiku. Totally missed the necessary grammar error until the third read-through.
  7. Even though it's not DID related, there are two reasons I want a diagnosis from a doctor for things like autism, whatever sleep disorder we have, etc. 1) No one will believe I have these conditions unless I get a real dx. 2) I can't trust I have these conditions unless I have a formal dx. It's easy to convince yourself you have something you don't have. I'm looking for validation because I don't want to confabulate a disorder I don't have. I want to know why I'm struggling and what the right direction is. I have an easy time getting lost and I want more guidance. I don't want an excuse, I want answers. A broken bone is pretty obvious. Even if you don't know it's broken, it's easy to know something is wrong. My parents think I'm just lazy because I struggle to clean the house, get sleepy after I cook for a short period of time in the evening, and struggle to get out of bed. Without evidence, it's hard to say they're wrong or right.
  8. I realized if we tried hard enough, sleep issues could be the other conversation of But the thought makes me tired.
  9. I hate insomnia. Tired but can't sleep
  10. Unfortunately, I can't really answer this aside from the obvious not giving all of my headmates enough time. All of my headmates were vocal from the start, so vocality was never an issue we ran into. Time constraints stunt the growth of my headmates the most because they don't have enough time to experience things or think about themselves. However, I can say the belief piece only seems to sometimes apply. I used to think all of my tulpas were my clones, so I didn't bother stopping at a few headmates until I learned about tulpamancy and realized I needed to get things under control. Ultimately, I found my actions mattered more than my belief- I talked to my headmates the way I would talk to other people, and I didn't even realize I was doing it. Unlike my story character were I expected them to do what I wanted, I was asking my headmates to give me advice and think for themselves. I also went along with it when my headmates deviated, not realizing something else was happening until Ranger told me he was real.
  11. "I see resistance", good joke, 8/10. Edit: nope, totally missed the actual joke. It was underwhelming once I double checked... Congrats! Alright guys, spice it up or you'll force me to think of a counter meme worse than pizza machine.
  12. I was diagnosed with GAD as well, and 2016-2018 was really hard for me. Something I didn't think applied much until now- I always wondered if being "front stuck" was some kind of defense measure for me. I never panicked nearly as much as I could have with all of my headmates because I felt like reality was an anchor I could depend on. So I felt like "This is the body's experience, this is real, I'm safe." While I don't think that's true for all or possibly most anxious tulpamancers, but it's interesting to me there could be a parallel there. At the very least, feeling stressed out is enough to lock up our switching. When Ranger accidentally triggered my fear related to my parents, I couldn't let him switch even when I wanted him too. I think it's different because of your situation, but it could apply to an extent. If it does, it's probably not the whole story, and it's not exactly what Ranger was thinking last time he posted. We were receiving treatment for therapy for awhile, and the end of 2019, after roughly a year's worth of therapy, was when Ranger figured it out (but arguably, we were capable of switching before that by 6 months, still after a significant amount of therapy).
  13. I don't have the cash for that sadly, but I/Ranger could draw some celebratory fan art or something. I actually wrote a guide, I just think it's eh and it could use some cleaning up.
  14. I saw your comment, but I realized Bune may or may not want me to post his picture. I wish I planned this out more effectively...