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    Ranger used to speak in orange text but now it's azure text.

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  1. If I master the art of grilling I would love to have brats and hotdogs with everyone at some point in the future.
  2. I like the burgers and brats my dad grills.
  3. The first two parts are good, and parts 3 or 4 are good, depending on which one you like better. Some people who like part 3 more are likely to be disappointed by point 4 and vice versa. I heard bad things about 5.
  4. Thank you! Yeah, that's part of his lore. The idea behind creating him is he had the ability to regulate emotions, and he did that with his lightening powers. Now whether or not his powers work is debatable, but he's calmed me down more times than I can count.
  5. As a little birthday present, I thought about drawing a sketch of Jasper. I suddenly had this idea that his head was square and it was perfectly doable, so I figured it was worth a shot. While Jasper was giggling over my shoulder telling me what pose he wanted, I realized my third attempt didn't look half bad and I just rolled with it. It's not super detailed and it didn't take very long to make, but it's good enough as a base for I or Ranger to touch up in later and I think it's pretty cute. Now obviously Jasper's right hand isn't a squid and his right arm need to be fixed, but I like the headshape and the hair is a win in my book. I think it does me justice giving off the dapper-young-fellow look Jasper portrays. ...In retrospect, I'm not exactly sure if Jasper looks too different from Evergreen or Fish. That's what I get for making "clones" of myself and suddenly 4/15 of my headmates decide to age down. Maybe by the time I draw everyone their forms will slightly deviate like Ranger's did. [Jasper] I like it! It's a wonderful b-day gift ❤ I thought about putting my hand on my hip and then I thought nah, I want the thumbs up! I got this!
  6. For as long as I can remember, usually waking Ranger up and listening to him speak increases the body's heart rate. Just recently, Ranger took advantage of it to wake me up from my nap. I don't like the feeling because it hurts a little and if I'm already stressed it doesn't help to have my heart rate elevate. It's most noticable when I can hear Ranger's voice clearly. I'm not sure if that's because it has something to do with hearing Ranger's mindvoice or it's because it hurts when my heart rate suddenly goes up from a previously slower rate and it's less noticable when I have been up and moving around. I don't remember if I have caused Ranger's heart rate to go up when he's switched-in, but even if I did that could be related to his anxiety of wanting to be alone. Does anyone else experience this or have any other ideas for why this happens? Do you experience the opposite where hearing your headmate causes your heart rate to slow down a bit?
  7. I just can't shake the fact it really challenged my opinion. I was sitting in bed, and then I was thinking about the afterlife and what not, only to realize there's a possibility I will just continue to stop existing and therefore I will no longer experience anything. Saying it and reading it out loud sounds like a painful "yeah, duh", but trying to conceptualize the experience of not experiencing is what lead to the sudden spike in fear. I don't want to grow old and fear death, I don't need to be immortal and take up space someone else could or more likely sink hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical care when I just need to go away. Euthanasia is a tricky subject for me though. I took an oath I will never commit suicide, and well... that's not very convenient when I'm old and I need to move on. I would need some assistance from someone other than Ranger basically, which might be hard.
  8. I realized I copied and pasted a Discord link, so I replaced that with a copy + paste version ripped from paint. That should fix it.
  9. Yukari sent me this super cute sketch of Ranger and I love it. Both Ranger and I agree that it looks a lot like him.
  10. Yeah this morning was like that. I woke up switched-in after rolling over too. My guess is even though Ranger was switched-in for several hours last night, I was switched-in for the rest of the day previously and the day before that.
  11. We think I woke up switched-in, but we did our switching ritual anyway. Ranger chose to switch out. I felt kind of confused for some reason, and Ranger had to remind me I was switched-in not too long ago. Last time Ranger seemed to switch in upon waking up, but this time that wasn't the case. I guess that... Honestly im not sure. Didn't Ranger possess most of yesterday? I'm tired and need to go back to bed, it's 4 in the morning. We had a weird vivid dream, it might have been mine.
  12. This may or may not come as a disappointment, but I also like white chocolate. Wow, the thread is suddenly moving quickly
  13. I wouldn't mind the dark chocolate.
  14. I DO NOT have the Corona virus. I have a cold my brother gave me, and he had a cold since last week. If I did have the Corona virus, I would probably be quarantined, and I'm not sure if I would be able to get online
  15. Thank you guys. I have a cold (not Covid-19 I promise, I got it from Flame Explosion who had it since last week), and I decided to take half the dose of NyQuil this time just to be on the safe side. Not taking drugs earlier today made us feel less groggy. [Ranger] This made me chuckle. edit: good night