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    Short details? Life story? Half the time I can't even type less than a 100 characters. I'll pass and save everyone some time.

    Ranger used to speak in orange text but now it's azure text.

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  1. That's how black people are treated everywhere in America, across the board no one treats them fairly. I do however agree the south just happens to embrace being racist more than the rest of the country. I think it's because southern racists are louder, they participated in white flight and were bitter about it or couldn't get away. Police brutality is an American constant everywhere, and I think northern racists are just quieter and sneakier than southern racists. However, it gets complicated when you consider how segregated the north is compared to the south. I should include the
  2. Nobody used that word when I was in school, I think grade school's favorite was the n word.
  3. I wouldn't call someone who I thought had down syndrome or autism retarded. That's a line that shouldn't be crossed. I also wouldn't want to call anyone retarded with the intent to bully them. I might call something done by someone that because I think it's stupid or they are being stupid, but if they're not an asshole or it's clear something else was going on, I wouldn't use that word. I heard anxiety can absolutely reduce IQ. I'll try to find something to prove it, one moment please. Edit: I couldn't find the legendary claim that anxiety causes a si
  4. My parents would call someone or something retarded if it was stupid, and I picked that up from them. I get surprised when someone tells me that's more offensive than fuck and can get you thrown out of places now. I have a hard time giving up retarded, but I have distanced myself more from calling stupid things gay. I never realized the former was now comparable to the other f word.
  5. I took PE online before the pandemic. My school didn't have a gym so they made us take it online.
  6. The worst PE I ever had was online PE, which was just health class+. My teachers had the attitude of getting people to at least run around and checking off boxes in the curriculum. In the grand scheme of things, the worst thing that happened is my 8th grade PE teacher did 2 months of flag football even though it was completely unnecessary.
  7. Didn't you take a break from fronting for a couple years? That's a significant amount of time for Miichu to be switched-in. Ranger has only switched with me for some of last year and he's nicely embedded himself pretty deeply into the brain. Miichu fronting for a couple years with few breaks seems like it could throw out a lot of host preferences.
  8. Small goals are a win. Ranger couldn't handle 30 minutes the first few times, but he had switching attempts under his belt.
  9. It's one of those weird things where I think it varies from system to system. Ember Vesper said being switched-in for the last few hours before bed did the trick for them. I have no idea why our system is different in needing more time or why time is more important than timing. I can at least say 7 hours wasn't enough for us, and the 1 time we did 8 hours... May have been 8 and 1/2 and technically counted? The circumstances were pretty weird for how Ranger managed to pull that off...
  10. Lol, it's happened to me a couple times where Ranger wakes up instead of me and it annoys me. We have the 9 hour rule, which is basically if you are switched-in for at least 9 hours you are guaranteed to wake up as you the next morning. I can't tell you how accurate this is or if we're missing a few important details (things get weird when we fall asleep and wake up multiple times), but overall it's mostly been the case.
  11. Unfortunately not. I can probably cry longer than I can scream Edit: I'm hoping I can go to sleep and get a few more hours of rest. I can only sit on the tub watching YouTube for so long.
  12. I just realized I have another toe infection. If I can't turn this around fast enough, I might scream.
  13. Oh my god, this is me in a nutshell XD And then 5 minutes into a tutorial I want to play! ...and then I get overwhelmed and frustrated because I don't know how to do what I want to do.
  14. I was thinking about Ranger being into girls and how his feelings for girls boggles my mind. I don't think I've ever had a big crush on someone ever. I have had thoughts, but I don't think I will ever feel like I met Prince or Princess charming. I kind of don't understand Ranger in that regard. You would be surprised how much we procrastinate switching... I have had similar problems lately, but possibly for different reasons. I want to learn HTML! No I don't! But I want to do it! But I want to play Minecraft a lot more! Nope, I would rather do nothing instead!
  15. I'm not sure if I want to invest time into lucid dreaming again yet. I would like to have better visualization and maybe visual imposition first.
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