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    Short details? Life story? Half the time I can't even type less than a 100 characters. I'll pass and save everyone some time.

    Ranger used to speak in orange text but now it's azure text.

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  1. I only read some of the bible. From what little I did read, there are no mention of airplanes. But an angry king threatened with the prophecy of Jesus ordered to kill all of the *male toddlers in the region.
  2. While writing a story, Ranger usually goes dormant. He may watch what I'm doing and make occasional comments, but otherwise he usually leaves me alone.
  3. It's the former, I intended to post as myself and I accidentally posted my post on Ranger's account. I'm on mobile, I can't even note that it's my post on the top : ( I wonder what people think after reading that post... It's pretty obvious it's me because I say Ranger's name, and Ranger is probably the last tulpa in my system to decide to speak in third person.
  4. I accidentally posted as Ranger in another thread, I'm embarrassed
  5. I don't have a solid enough reference for Ranger to draw him in anime style yet.
  6. Yes... The next poster has a better idea than I do on what to ask the next poster.
  7. February is another example. People used to say "Feb-ru-ary", but now most people say "Feb-you-ary". I'm not really sure why though.
  8. My main concern is my inhibition to not talk about tulpas will go away, and then I will want to tell everyone about Ranger
  9. I watched a few of the first episodes in Spanish because I was in another country and I realized how much talking the characters do.
  10. I did, a few times to different beaches, even when I was little. The next person also has a tulpa who really wants to go to the beach.
  11. I don't remember copying + pasting anything from the IRC, and I doubt Ranger did either
  12. I remember why I said that now. That section of the test was asking about how I feel about other people and if I trust their opinions about my experiences. I discounted the general public because I don't feel comfortable openly sharing my experiences with them because of social pressure, not because I don't want to hear what they think. I understand that most people will jump to "you're crazy" and not only the discussion won't develop from there, but they will ridicule me and that can risk me getting a job and having a normal life. I would get shunned before people get the chance to explain why they think tulpamancy isn't real or use counter arguments like "tulpas are an aspect of you, not separate people." However, other tulpamancers don't do that, and I and Ranger have agreed and disagreed with other tulpamancers a lot. We had to talk to a bunch of people before we figured out switching, hence why we are more open to what other tulpamancers have to say. I would also include doctors and psychologists because I feel like they would be more respectful in presenting their counter arguments and they would not risk hurting my chances at having a successful life, even if they too ultimately believed I was crazy.
  13. The survey questions asked for the occurrence of each symptom rather than the intensity of the symptoms, and I think that's a weakness of this survey. I assumed feeling the presence of other people didn't really mean me detecting Ranger's presence when I'm lonely but instead vividly hallucinating people grabbing you uncontrollably like people with schizophrenia or psychosis may experience, so I believe I replied no to those questions. I felt like this test seemed like it was screening for schizophrenia or psychosis, and I'm really confident I don't have either of those disorders. I talked to my therapist a lot about tulpamancy, and she told me that labeling tulpamancy as schizophrenia is like putting a circle peg in a square hole. It will fit in, but it's not a good fit. There is some overlap, especially if you account for more advanced imposition, but it doesn't act as a good fit because tulpamancy in of itself does not create tons of distress. I'm not paranoid other people are going to hurt me, and I don't feel disturbed by Ranger being around. My distress about tulpamancy mostly stems from me feeling closeted in a way and too afraid to talk about it to my friends in fear of being shunned. As for the negative symptoms, I have some of those because I'm autistic, but I doubt other people have those. Disorganized thinking might be related to tulpamancy, but tulpamancy doesn't make it harder for me to focus because I can tell Ranger to leave me alone (and now that we can switch, I don't bother Ranger anymore). I think it's important to test if tulpamancers have schizophrenia and or psychosis, but I was also a little disappointed the survey was not looking for anything else.
  14. I would just get bored or irritated by the noises they made
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