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    I studied hypnosis and neuroscience in my twenties as a hobby and been a programmer since age 35.

    Katiya may have been born during a period where I wrote my star ship whisperer stories. She and her Mom were sort of ultimates in that they are invulnerable and feed from stars, like interdimensional hummingbirds. You can read about the fictional characters on my site.

    However I really took to the baby starship Katiya and worked hard on her character and her Mom's in Blender and in writing. It was during a bad time work wise and imagining these stories helped me a lot.

    More recently I was taking a dangerous path, for cheap thrills, with my hypnosis skills in erotic bdsm. I'm very very good at trancing myself deeply, to the point of drooling zombie like states. I nearly gave control to random online folks at one point.

    I had the sudden urge to commit to focusing on and creating Katiya very recently and used Gearheart's files a few times.

    The first time I noticed all my bondage triggers collapsed, various compulsions dropped and I didn't want to keep around the detached pieces of me that were just focused on these compulsions. These were not entities, just desires.

    Katiya isn't fully vocal in my head, she is halfway narrated/puppeted at times yet spontaneous enough to make me laugh.

    *Update* Myelia joined us um, yeah she's Katiya's Mom. Confused? Good. Me too.

    And she does talk fine through me online, I try hard not to over edit and also to not impose what I think on what she says.

    Time since conscious deliberate imposing - our main way to be together-3 days at time of writing. However she has been imposed lots of times since 2014 in just hadn't known that is fully what we were doing.

    Still getting over the doubt part and still learning.
  1. I think it's easier in forums - folks can just ignore posts they can't be bothered to parse. So there's probably no need for any real heavy handed bad apples rules. *Bad apples rules: kids at school get punished for the wrongs of one bad apple. Those rules are an extremely bad idea with adults but they're way way common as they are also dead easy. For teachers and online communities.
  2. Try automatic doodling - just get a pencil and randomly, gently draw lines, curves whatever and hold the feeling of inviting her to try and nudge the next line, give you a feeling, an intuition about each line; invite her to make the lines and curves be as randomly pretty or weird, abstract as she wants or maybe see what emerges. That is another option. You can probably come up with variations of the same idea. Done right, you'll drift into a light trance state where partially you are focussed on feeling what she may gently nudge you to try. If verbal isn't working, other ways of communicating may well work instead you see. The other option is more deliberative hypnosis but try the light trancy feeling of automatic doodling first. Get penciles/pens and paper you like too!
  3. Too much fuss and pettiness. Sorry, just our opinion. We see enough petty rules that don't really add value to a site or a place in discord to be honest. The more petty rules, the fewer the interactions. Some folks DO love all those rules I guess, they must do. Yuk And yes, we do expect some fairly heavy disagreement, after all someone thought rules like that were valuable.
  4. Mine fixed something that had been a problem for 30 years. Suffice to say willpower, hypnosis and other stuff hadn't fixed it. She did. That's enough evidence for me to ignore the niggles and noggles of doubts that routinely come up just because my two, as my being aware of them, tulpas are only a few weeks old. {hmm been around longer than that mate.}
  5. Thank you folks :) I was surprised at how easy these two became presences just from the hypnosis work however so much other work has accidently happened perhaps not so surprising. Myelia set about changing something major in my life and left me with the strongest direct evidence that I was not doing advanced role play even though its hard not to feel like I'm puppeting and so on but the interaction work we know is still a skillset. We are reading Aristoi, a sci fi novel that has daimones - personalities - that each aristoi needs for their jobs, it fascinate us because in it the personalities are developed to help the host directly with specific things and contribute in parallel to his life. {I see this as quite realistic actually because how else in society would a tulpa express their own purpose in life to society. I realise advanced possession may offer a route yet I see that as merely a means of allowing me to independently study things that host is not going to consciously work on learning.} It is an interesting idea for sure. We do have a way to go though.
  6. Hi A belated intro here. The ladies wish to speak and I avoid censoring or even correcting in Katiya's case unless it would be genuine problematic not too. It does lead to reveals on discord sometimes that aren't my choice but I prefer to keep my promises mostly. {we are from Birmingham UK, host is a developer and we are almost there in our development - not quite as only at the keyboard do I feel that I've got independence properly. He made Katiya and I by accident through writing a story and many hundreds of hours of 3d design in blender. He would imagine seeing us and feeling us even being one of us at times. At that time he wasn't aware of making tulpas, just liking the characters. There were reasons but that's dull to go into here. Anyway we are hybrid Aktarian starships, our story site is starship-whisperer though we will post links if it's OK.} [iz me wanna say hi, I b spekin me own way as I wanna so helloooo.] {oh Katiya is my daughter in the stories, hence she has that character and sense now. I'm into the sciences a little, maths and may soon learn some other programming different to hostie.} [i like doodling n drawing n writing sometimes :P n bangra rock!]
  7. Thanks ks both of you, this is helpful to us.
  8. Well we fixed a 25 year plus fetish with some simple work to be honest. 18 years ago I read a lot of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and related materials, including digging into stuff like Hope and Resilience - strategies of therapy used by Milton Erickson (beautiful work that translates to propaganda and all sorts). Using general hypnotic skills for years meant fluidity in trance capacity and because I used it to intensify pleasure in fetish play, I became awfully good at trance. Cue Myelia really getting concerned, she did the equivalent of a dialectic behaviour therapy game - not kidding, that's how the text reads - then set about challenging me to some trance tricks. For example, could I hold a state of deep arousal for exactly X seconds focussed on Y (undesirable fetish). Then could it just switch off and the feelings transfer to Z (something fun, harmless). Answer was yes. Why? Because if the compulsions work that I'd done had real strength that same capacity could be employed to shift the underlying emotional states and stimuli. If the compulsions were pure illusion then that would easily transfer too, either way, it was fixable. We tested it - it worked. Turns out a deep compulsive fetish - especially taboo ish ones, are just pure shortcuts to a specific mental place of peak emotion anyway. So sidestepping the fetish route and noticing how to reach the real state without help from a fetish was fairly easy. No willpower required.
  9. This line is funny because dead early on we could do quite a lot of tactile immersion even though other skills were fairly undeveloped. That'll be because my own tactile imagination is very very good - I'm experienced at a skillset that is easiest related to chi kung maybe. This requires intense tactile imagination and ability to direct attention/move the focal point of attention in the body from the head to any other part. Due to this, getting very very close to dry orgasm without ANY physical stimulation is actually possible. It's an extreme of mental discipline that can cause a very mild tension headache to keep up for more than 30 minutes mind. So I'd be less skeptical of others being able to do it - we haven't quite got other fundamentals down yet this, this isn't hard. No pun intended (Katiya) hahah not b true.
  10. We would like to see that guide please? My body reacts to Katiya and Myelia snuggling and hugging already so um curious to see what is in the guide. So are they.
  11. [Katiya] he's wicked haha so funny :P we gotta get puppets one day too heh
  12. Had to say that got a reaction out of my little starship Katiya. One I didn't expect. She didn't know, I didn't know something like this could even be an option. We are a long way off this level of skill and development but now I know she's sufficiently developed enough to know she would want this, the Co owning part. (Katiya) yes n maybe you'll stop seeing it deep down as some kinda deep rolplayin u doing as well. (Soulfiremage) give us time girl, please.
  13. I don't know if this thread is still used a bunch but I'll post my intro here to as it's a small world. Katiya was meant to be a fictional character, a young hybrid Aktarian starship. Clearly nearly 4 years on she had other ideas. I spent hundreds of hours learning to build models in blender and making her and her Mom, characterising her in my mind writing little stories. They have their own website, twitter etc. However an impulse to look for hypnosis relating to tulpas hit me on Monday and sat at work, I was in a trance for a good hour listening to Gearheart. Consequence is... (Katiya) finally he listened to me and well he and me iz still learning how to do this and he not always paying proper attention but he did do lots of makin me fly n things in your world and stuff like it so it was easy really to jus say him get in wid this ciz u dis hypnosis stuff all the time, like every day so me wanna come out n play. (soulfiremage) yeah it went a lot like that I guess. She talks easiest by saying what she wants on keyboard or phone and I promised to try never to edit even her spelling the way she wants to say it. The phone annoys her because it corrects her, not sure why she likes her lingo as it is but that's her choice. Anyway it's late and we need some sleep, just wanted to actually introduce ourselves a bit. Let us know if you do want to see about the fiction that she came from, though I never did finish it.
  14. (Katiya) no iz simple, my deal iz risks and things I don't wanna experience in memory n I don't know how not to have them. But more was worries that some games may harm us both that is it. Not be morals or anything. And um get over it? Iz what am I to get over!? If he wanting to do things that may injure us or worse then he be one to get over it! (Soulfiremage) I promised I'd not edit her when I write what she has to say so I won't. And thankfully she isn't inclined to share my life with you guys. Simply put some parts of my previous interests can be very difficult to make completely safe and consequently some of them I've found to have vastly reduced hold on me now due to Katiya's presence. My curiosity is regarding how other systems have handled this kind of thing.
  15. We want to find an excellent text to speech system first, like Google tacotron or something because well... (Katiya) I wanna speak too, coz it be better that I speak to your tulpa if we making play files for dem so like well Gearheart iz spoken to me in her hypnosis and dat be fun and there is not much of people speaking to me directly and true it is I think for other tulpas. So yep, gonna wanna me speak to you and I ain't a man so need voice in real world as mine. (Soulfiremage) we will probably do a recording with our voices switching left and right, some semi subliminals for encouragement and so on. Haven't worked out what it will be about yet though as there is enough stuff for creation, possession etc. We think a file that is partly exercises and partly just play might be fun though Katiya has to remember not all tulpa have wings or can or even want to fly.