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  1. Sorry to hear about your position, but I'm conflicted with you speaking for me. The message you posted only explains why I took a break, the reason being a short breakdown of my own. My actual reason for leaving the moderation team was just because I wanted to do other things, and I believe I told a few people that before I left. My reason for leaving the community as a whole was entirely different than anything I've ever said here. In fact I'm only here now by chance: Someone had mentioned tulpa on another site and I grew curious to what was happening here. Grats on the redesign, it was a "long road" indeed. (I'm sure everybody's feet hurt.) As for you, Pleeb, I'm glad you finally decided to do some of what I had advised, even if you probably didn't make the decision based on what I said. Hell, you probably don't even remember I said anything at this point. Still, reading that post took away one of my final regrets in regards to my involvement here on this site. I don't think the final regret will ever leave me, so I may as well count that as a lose and move on. I think it's unhealthy to be lurking here so long after I supposedly left. Anyway, I don't mean to steal limelight or anything.
  2. My hair turned white.
  3. Phi

    Asking for ideas.

    Ok, I'm not too involved with tulpa anymore but I'll spout out ideas as they come to me. Just let me know if I'm hot or cold. Idea 1: Lay down in bed. Do not actively try to stay awake. Get your tulpa to send some sort of signal whenever you are about to fall asleep. For example: A jolt of pain; A feeling of refreshment; A sensation of falling. Pros: If you last the entire night then there isn't much room for doubt. Cons: You go a night without sleep. If you're the type of person who can fall asleep anyway, then it might not work either way.
  4. Phi

    Asking for ideas.

    Is the point of this to prove sentience or to see what a tulpa can do? If it's to prove sentience, should it be assumed that the tulpa can't be heard yet? In other words, should it be something that they can bring to your attention without words?
  5. Phi

    Asking for ideas.

    Does it have to be a bodily resource?
  6. When other people don't force. Gotta keep up that conformity.
  7. You never said anything about the Site Design board. This board is a super secret club that only a handful of members are allowed to browse. Being selected by the forum team to be able to set even a foot into this board is the highest honor one can achieve on these forums. On this board, you talk about the redesign that will never happen. There is also the Article Section board. This board is also a super secret club, so please don't tell anyone that I told you about it. The point of this board is to talk about how to better the article section, and how to post articles. If you don't know what articles are, they are the same exact thing as posting a thread except if it's an article then your post is automatically super duper important and you are an important person for posting it. Lastly there's the Admin Board, home of the admins. This board is where the mods used to whisper about the users until they made their locked IRC channel. The board's discussions mainly include the mods writing one or two lines about their opinion on whether to ban someone, until one mod writes a wall of text. Once this happens, the other mods pretend to read it and agree with them on all accounts. They might actually read a paragraph of the post if they see a word in there like "redesign" or "unban". It's also supposed to be where the mods post if they are leaving for awhile, but most of the time the mods will just leave and never come back. It's still a huge mystery why they do this, and last I checked the mods were asking for donations so they can hired a detective to find out why.
  8. I added something to the original guide post. Does the change help clear things up?
  9. You couldn't have just turned around and told us that? Listen bud, I don't know which of the four of you that was, but you should know that we don't have the funds right now to buy a larger room. If you want a larger room, talk to the higher ups about our pay. This conversation is over.
  10. The idea started out as you sitting down and forming a bond with your tulpa by letting them know that the creation process was going to by cooperative and not just you forcing them one-sidedly. It was also supposed to give a basic shape to their "soul". Then it suddenly because "they are sentient from the start" period. "You should just assume that they are sentient so that you don't hinder progress." (EDIT: Although the title of the original post agreed with this, it was originally much more than that.) Then it went to "just believe that they are sentient from the start." Then it became "your tulpa is already there." Now it's "you don't have to do anything but passive forcing because your tulpa is already there." People slowly lost their brains. I don't particularly blame them, it was like playing that old children's game, "telephone". One person tries to pass along an idea, and before long it's something completely different. Nobody stopped to think that maybe something was wrong. Thank you.
  11. It's like daydreaming with your eyes closed at the beginning. Once you get into it, it's more like you're just on the verge of wake and sleep (if you've ever had the good fortune of being in that situation). EDIT: For those of you who haven't had the lucky experience, you are awake but your senses are still pretty sluggish. You can also visualize like there's no tomorrow. That's why I believe that it's good to try to visualize just as you wake up but before you get out of bed (that's the easiest time to get into the zone).
  12. As the person who originally wrote that philosophy, I feel like I should apologize to you for the trouble it caused you. I do believe that many people misunderstand my claim, and they become lazy because of it. My claim does NOT support the idea that you don't have to force as much. It merely says that the tulpa exists and has a mind of its own the moment you decide to make it, even if it's faint. It can hear you, and it can speak to you. Whether you hear it or not is up to how "developed" the tulpa is at that time. To make the tulpa more "developed", you have to keep forcing. In other words, it's not a question of "is it talking?", it's a question of "can it make itself heard?" An analogy. When you first decide to make a tulpa, you give birth to it. Now you have a baby. If you don't feed it baby food, it won't grow and it may even "shrink" or "die". You have to keep feeding it and nurturing it. EDIT: I also believe that people aren't even following the idea I had originally wrote down correctly. I had written it as a complete stage in and of itself, but people now tend to just say "oh, it's sentient" and that's it. They aren't forming the bond that I had in mind when I created the step.
  13. It's been known since the early stages of these forums that I'm actually 8 people sharing an account. Well, now it's 4. We made another account and split the control in half so now each account has 4 people. However we are still all in one room, so we tell each other when we spot a thread worth posting in.
  14. It sounds to me like your either proxying or doing an unreasonably complicated switching in which you give control of each body part to whoever wants to use it at any given time, and they keep control until the other person wants to use it.