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  1. If that isn’t indication that this is not a joke I don’t know what is.
  2. Honestly I just get annoyed by it. When somebody passes through me I sorta *poof* and then reappear again. But yeah. Annoying. Especially when I’m sitting down next to my host and then somebody steals my spot.
  3. Haha, kites is a pretty cute thing for her to talk about! It looks like she’s coming along very well! :)
  4. Hey, it’s Pixie again! There’s quite a few things that happened. At some point, Square had a weird and fascinating dream about a keyword “Heroes”. Apparently in one dream he entered the word somewhere on a document (can’t really remember where), and then in the next dream on the same night he found the word on the same document that he forgot all about! He thinks that maybe his subconscious was keeping it without him knowing. One of his friends thought it was me! We have no idea what it was, but not everything has to be explained. I just thought it was really amazing! We came up with a new place in our Wonderland, an aquatic world with some kind of water everywhere that you could breathe and talk and see through, but still swim in, and you could never get wet! It was really fun to hang out there. And one time last night, we cuddled in bed again. But it was unlike any other time, because Square felt like he could feel my arms around him. Looks like his physical imposition is getting better! Of course, he enjoyed it a lot more. And we didn’t let go for a long time either! We talked about having a second tulpa some time as well. He liked the idea, but also wants me to be developed a little more first. We’re looking forward to it though, he already has some ideas! We’re also trying not to rush into things as well. What do you guys think? We really need to update my pfp sometime, it still has my old colours!
  5. I’m exactly the same height as my host, which I believe is 5’3”.
  6. I think I’ll do today’s entry this time! 13th February (Day 13) We got to do a lot of proxying yesterday! Yay! Finally, about time. We’ve been talking a lot about doing proxying but the opportunity never came up. So, now we’ve finally been able to do it! Something weird happened in my host’s friends’ Discord. One of the boys, Jayden, asked me to be his Valentine. I’m not really sure about it, to be honest. I can’t exactly imagine going on a date with someone outside of my system. So, it would be pretty weird. But I might gobe him a chance, provided that he’s not joking, and that he believes I’m real. Otherwise, no chance buddy! We tried to download some multiplayer games on Square’s iPad. Mostly tabletop games. Did you know I like tabletop games? Yeah, I think that’s something he forgot to mention in the three-day gap. But the only good game we could find was Scrabble, and oh god. The ads. They never stopped. We still had fun, but we couldn’t finish our game before he had to go swimming. In me and Square’s forcing session, we decided to visit the new Octagonal Library he mentioned earlier. We looked through memories of his pets when they were younger. We both had a pretty good time. The books were pretty weird. It’s as if the pictures were animated, and it doesn’t matter which page you end up opening randomly, it’s always gonna be the one with the moving pictures. Strange! When Square was just about to fall asleep, his mindscape falling down into “an abyss of falling blankets, quites and mattresses, succumbing to a void of sleep” (his words not mine!), I woke him up by flying down to him and carrying him as his form was falling. I just wanted to be in his presence just a little more. Is that selfish? Anyway, so Square thought that I should write today’s entry because of how he could still feel my presence and wanted to proxy a little more. Well, I’m not complaining with that! I didn’t actually think this was something just Square should update. Looks like I can do it too!
  7. Hey guys! Just so that there aren’t any more voting posts because this whole thing is over, I’ll let you know that my outfit is finished! Thanks for all the help guys! Check out SquareWave’s journal please! It’s pretty small so far but due to feedback I think we’re on the right path! Since I can’t post links yet, you can find it by scrolling down to Progress Reports. I use a lot of explanation marks, I just realised.
  8. Hi, I’m Pixie! It’s great to meet you all. I’m SquareWave’s tulpa and forever-companion. Not fully sentient just yet but I’m on my way! The two of us spend a lot of time together.