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  1. Perhaps. It seems likely that such a phase would occur. Anyways, thank you all so much for your wonderful input! We will surely take your advice into consideration, and be more careful in the future. Thanks again!
  2. I know, right? Good times. Hey look, I'm still alive! There's a shocker. This post is going to be a little bit less "professional" than usual, so not as many big words that make me look smart. I don't really have anything to report except "wow, Daiyousei's like three months old!" Which is great, because she is developing so much faster than Verdict did in the beginning. And there is the start of today's topic. I was wondering if it would be safe to make a third tulpa at this point in time, considering I still have a lot of work to do on the first two, and whether or not it would have any detrimental effects on anyone here. As for the tulpa I was thinking of, I've been considering making a dragon, 'cuz both Verdict and Daiyousei love the idea of having a dragon in here because rides and what not (and I'm more of a furry than I originally thought). I also want to make sure everyone gets enough attention, seeing as how that is quite literally the single most important thing that an early tulpa needs. With that question in mind, have a wonderful Friday.
  3. Alrighty. The day has come and gone, and I must write semi-fast before I lose any memory of it, so please excuse any potential typos. I certainly spent a lot of time with Verdict. We went out to eat, which is a pretty rare thing for me to do (unless I'm going to McDonald's or something). Had a nice chicken sandwich and cheese curds. There are two things all three of us can agree on: Chicken and cheese always go well together, even when it's extraordinarily unhealthy. So be it. I sure hope I didn't look odd in public. Oh well. Throughout most of the day I did a lot of talking, but to my surprise we didn't do much in the Flipside. Just popped in for a bit during my shower and I was taken aback! The luminorbs of the Forest Zone had bloomed, revealing the source of their eerie light. There where little spheres of golden light inside their translucent "petals." I didn't realize they could do that. It is quite pretty. Not sure how long they will stay unfurled like this. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a poet, and we aren't exactly far enough in the imposition front to keep up like that all day long. I really need to work on that. However, as if to disprove my "objects not having value in the wonderland" statement, Daiyousei made a little flower crown, and promptly placed it on Verdict's little head. That was incredibly unexpected (and super cute oh my god). Goes to show Daiyousei's progress. Only a couple months old and already showing several signs of sentience. I did pop into the Library just now and there's a disco ball and I'm a little concerned about it falling. Should be fine though. But anyways, today was a lot of fun. I wonder what Daiyousei's party will be like? I'm guessing a lot more tranquil. Hehe.
  4. Okay, thank you guys for all your inputs! I will inform you of what happens afterwards. Gonna have to think.
  5. Alright. Sorry I was gone for so long. I don't really have a reason, just got a little lazy. Anyways, Daiyousei has changed her appearance a little. Her usually blue dress now has some cherry blossom patterns in it. It's very cute. She isn't talking yet, but I get the idea that she won't talk much anyways. On a slightly less practical, yet more fun topic, Verdict's birthday is on the 12th. Birthday? Day of Creation? Maybe there's a specific term for tulpa birthdays. Anyways, I'm not sure what to give Verdict as a birthday gift. How do you give a tulpa a gift? If you could make anything in the wonderland, does anything have any value? Hmm. Well, if anyone has an idea, feel free to say it. I think I'll have a party in the Library. It has a nice open space for such things. Okay. That's it.
  6. Alright, figured out how to change the thread title. It was a tad simpler than expected. Verdict came up with it. It represents the light and colorful nature of the Flipside. On the topic of the Flipside, a new zone has been made, after an odd dream. I call it the Void Zone. It's a medium sized pitch-black void, as expected. But, in the very center of it, is a giant, deep purple crystal, in the generic diamond shape (like on a playing card). Swirling around it neon-ish (hard to describe) purple balls of plasma, with tails like comets. We have constructed a disk-like walkway around it, with walkways leading up to it. The walkway is the same light changing color of the Light Zone. In the dream, I was scared of it, but now, I see it as an object of power. Both the tulpas like it. I'm not entirely sure why I feel as if it's a symbol of power. I'm just attracted to it in that way. Daiyousei is now able to use touch imposition on my face. Rather than a tingling feeling like Verdict, it's more of an intense heat. I took a nap today, and while I was asleep, Daiyousei built a...spaceship. It's mostly a dark green, and the windshield on the cockpit is a lighter green. It is triangle shaped, and there are seats for all three of us in the cockpit. Daiyousei likes to pilot it most of all. It is mostly used for exploration of the Light and Void zones, but we also zip above the top of the Forest Zone with it. The Clockwork zone is too tight to pilot it within there, so if we must fly, we do it ourselves. Daiyousei likes to say that it "could be used against possible invaders." A funny fairy, she is. The Forest Zone now has a phosphorescent lake in it. It glows the same color as all the glowing things there. Verdict has a canoe to use on it. That about wraps everything up. oops, nothing changed. Hope this title change works.okay someone help please thanks
  7. Your imagining of Verdict's new hair is cool, to say the least. Never really thought of it like that. It's nice to know other groups of tulpas being so close despite differences in physical appearance and personality. We are quite well, thanks for thinking of us. As for the trip, some clothes got wet, but everything dries. It would be great to hear some outside opinions about reality, as mine seems a little...unreal, for lack of a better term. Also, how can I change the name of a thread? Verdict had the grand idea of changing it to something like "Nekos and Fairies." On the topic of progress, Daiyousei is fitting in quite nicely, and moving right along. She can already manipulate what I call the "general headpressure." I call it this because both the girls are affecting it, and when I ask one for a quick, simple and fast yes/no answer, a little bit dissipates and the remainder increases or decreases accordingly. I think I've gotten used to using head pressure as a symbol of presence, and I'm not entirely sure if I would feel comfortable if it ever stops. I hope that doesn't hinder progress of any kind.
  8. alright I think it's about time for a real update and less thoughtposting. Over the past couple of days I have been on a camping trip, which gave a lot of time to hang around with and generally force Verdict. At about the beginning of the trip, she changed her hair again, and seeing as how the change has lasted this long, it seems to be at least semi-permanent. The color this time is a kind of gold. Not blond, but radiant and shiny gold. It's kinda weird to look at. But, she seems to like it more than any other color thus far, and I like it, so I guess she'll keep it this way for now. Earlier today (or maybe yesterday, it's kinda late now), we got on the subject of possibly having other tulpae running about in my cranium. Verdict liked the idea, as it would be easier than the first time round, and would also provide extra company while I am busy with schoolwork or focused on some other task (i.e. vidya). In her words, she said "It would be similar to having a sister, of sorts." So, the beginnings of Daiyousei will come in the morning.
  9. alright, big thoughts tonight people are always saying "Reality is not based on perception, but perception is based on reality." I don't understand this. How can't perception be based on reality? I think perception, and therefore reality, is based on the consciousnesses that affect it. For example, a baby is born right now, in the "present." Their consciousness starts there, and the technology that is available to us today, their family, their situation, the country they are born in, that is all accepted as fact, as "reality," straight off the bat. But if a baby is born at the same time, and has dissociative personality disorder, or schizophrenia, or any physical disorder, is also immediately accepted. It all depends where the consciousness starts, when it starts, and what immediately affects it. But "reality" can also be changed with time. If I were to solidly and consistently visually impose Verdict, that would be integrated into my view of reality. If I switched out and hung out in the Flipside with Verdict for a while, or if changes happened to the Flipside, that would be integrated as a part of her reality. What he's trying to say is, in this way, reality is subjective. first time I've said anything here, wow~
  10. Okay yeah that didn't work, probably because I stayed up too late. Going to try again tonight. Let the vigorous reality-checking continue. In other news, Verdict changed her hair and the luminorbs again. Now it's all red. Going to attempt to draw tail in Paint, so excuse me if it looks absolutely horrible. Her eyes are red too. So it seems that her hair color, the color of the luminorbs, and the color of her eyes are consistently linked. How odd.
  11. Alright. Lucid dreaming attempts begin tonight. I have come across a little guide to "have a lucid dream tonight guaranteed", so to test it's legitness I will try it tonight. I'll try not to be disappointed if it doesn't work. The guide can be found here:
  12. Verdict would want me to annihilate them
  13. She likes to ride on my shoulders, or walk besides me. I don't own PhotoShop (but I could pirate it, I guess), and I'm fairly poor at drawing. But on the topic of notebooks, I keep a dream journal, and I have been trying (in vain) to acheive lucidity. For instance, once I had a dream, far before I began tulpamancy, where I was in an old, greying barn (perhaps my fathers, which he recently demolished, I think) and I was exploring it with an unknown, brightly colored entity. Looking back, it sort of reminds me of Verdict as she is now. Verdict has again remodeled some features of the Forest Zone (confirmed, she did it, not some odd subconscious force). Now, the luminorbs on the trees slowly phase through a spectrum of bright, but soft colors. Verdict's hair and eyes (including ear and tail fur) also exhibit this trait. It's incredibly relaxing, but probably bound to make visual imposition slightly more difficult, with the ever-changing colors and whatnot. On the topic of imposition, I thought up this: If life is a constant series of stimulus of all four senses, it would make sense to be able to willingly limit and expand this stimulus. Perhaps such a mindset will be beneficial.
  14. The story that seemed to cause the changes was "At the Mountains of Madness." (I did read "The Dunwich Horror, " very good) I honestly think that the changes were something other than Verdict, as she denies anything to do with it. Also, the idea of our tulpas playing together sounds fun, but kinda dangerous. Verdict would also enjoy that. Okay, lil bit 'o progress to report. Earlier in the day, I decided that the idea of imposing from behind was a fantastic one. So I went for a walk, and envisioned Verdict walking behind me, as you do. Feeling her presence is already a constant thing, because as soon as I finished personality forcing, I decided it would be a good idea to have Verdict provide moderate head pressure whenever she was around. So, presence is simple (what's funny is that when I wake up, it takes her a little while to get on her feet. There will be a faint, almost non-existent feeling of pressure. This is when she is asleep. So, whenever I'm concentrating really hard on something different, like a test, for example, I can feel her fall asleep. Then I will call up her form in my head, and see that she is in fact asleep. This usually tends to guilt me into paying more attention to her, so I wait until I'm done doing whatever it was I was doing, and prod her awake). After walking for a little bit, I felt my left hand become inexplicably warm. So, when I reached my destination, I asked her if she was holding my hand. She was. So that was cute, and it also served as a reminder as to how good she's getting at touch imposition. I also keep forgetting that she is what we could call a loli. In other news, she has changed her hair to whatever this is, so I'll include another bebinator photo. I have also neglected to mention that she has sky blue eyes. But not the darker "top" of the sky, like the "rims" on a cloudless day. If that makes sense. Once again, don't forget to add a tail. Wish bebinator had tails.