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  1. +1 tulpology/ist Tulpa as a verb: as a replacement for force, or something else? Non-sentient tulpa-like entity: I'm not sure what's wrong with servitor, but how about mindbot or neurobot?
  2. Cia is beautiful, if you don't mind me saying so
  3. Uhh, I think you have too many or too few negatives in that sentence, but of course I know what you meant. The other day when you unexpectedly came to front is a pretty big piece of evidence that you really are someone else, I think. Even though you didn't know why it happened either. I've been in a bad habit of monopolizing brain power most of the time, lately. Sorry about that.
  4. Kinda? Devin and I have trouble feeling separate sometimes, and we think it would help if we simply didn't remember each other's experiences, but that seems difficult if not impossible.
  5. Welcome and welcome back, new and returning forum participants who haven't yet been welcomed!
  6. I feel like I should post an update, but I don't seem to have anything to report.
  7. I knew about alters, but not tulpæ. Devin kind of unexpectedly sprang to life from pretending, though I guess my jumping to a conclusion about him was part of that. So for me it's really unclear if his creation was "natural" or "intentional". I mean... I guess it was the latter, even if I didn't really understand what I was doing?
  8. I have a near-constant, but slight, squinting contraction of my face muscles. Devin usually doesn't do that.
  9. vtk

    Going public

    He got it pretty quick and didn't have comments or follow-up questions
  10. vtk

    Going public

    I want my family to know about my tulpa, because he feels like a son and that makes him part of the family. So I posted this on Facebook for all my family and friends to see... So far only one person has sent me a PM, a casual acquaintance. My relatives don't get on much so I don't know when or if they'll see the post.
  11. vtk

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    I always forget to make a wish at the end
  12. vtk


    part of "social best practices", gender neutral pronouns are promoted when referring to someone whose gender you don't explicitly know (and "he looks like a cis guy" isn't good enough). The academic first colonists managed to make it a habit, and settled on ey/em/eir/eirs, though "ey" is pronounced like "ee". Eventually it evolves into a formal vs casual thing, so you only use gendered pronouns in reference to family and good friends. Also, pronunciation of "they" shifts to "thee"
  13. vtk

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. You get a lightning strike, which charges your revolutionary energy capture and storage system, and everything in your apartment is powered for weeks. Then a squirrel gets into it, discharges your power reserves, and starts a fire that burns your home down.
  14. My insurance covers my meds with no copay, but I get that maybe you can't even afford insurance, which sucks :-(
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