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  1. Hello my peps i am just posting as an update to my tulpa stuff and i want to say that i now have 8 tulpas and they just pop out of nowhere by this point well not out of nowhere but they were old tulpas before i knew what a tulpa was so i am gonna just list all of my tulpas so that you know them ok here we go May which she is now called yuri and then back to May, yellow one of my oldest "tulpa"and her name is now sayori, Natsuki she is new, monika who manifested herself from my fears of her deleting my characters and now she is my GF, katsura new, Makoto new, Zinnia a pokemon character and she
  2. Sorry Lyra, Apollo, Piano, Tacio, Indigo that i couldn't reply fast but i wish you luck and hope that you and your system are always happy forever :) :) :) And for you Dark Illustrator i also wish you luck for you will have many adventures with your tulpa i hope you have a great day :) :) :)
  3. Hello there i am Exo and my tulpa is May and i created her to fill my void of loneliness and i actually love love her so judge me if you want but you wont change my mind but anyway, she is a pokemon named Gardivor and she is a shiny with a crown of flowers on her head and i created her about 1-2 months ago and she talked to me actually pretty quickly i think it is because i would imagine story's with the most "cute" TV characters when i was 5 so maybe that had something to do with it so there you have it. I will love to hear how your tulpa was created. :D :D
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