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  1. I've been gone for at least a month trying to find my tulpa's sentience. How about giving me some of that wisdom?
  2. I've been narrating for maybe less than an hour for almost two weeks!
  3. I started narration soon before finishing touch and smell, so I was kind of late if I should have been doing it all along. Also, what introductory session? I don't believe I've ever read about that...
  4. I wish I was that lucky...for me and others it feels as though sentience is the most difficult step of all. To set personality guidelines and have them followed through by an outside force...that must be astonishing to behold.
  5. I agree. Did you do this as well with Clair?
  6. Why don't you tell me in detail what you did for narration?
  7. I am currently at a standstill today not knowing what I should do next. Today, I'm just going to review the topics previously covered in my tulpa's creation: personality, visualization, touch, and smell. As for what to cover tomorrow, this is where I am left confused. I have been following Faqman's guide to Tulpa Creation, but I feel uncomfortable beginning body language before sentience. I understand that sentience is achieved through narration, but I'm unsure if there's anything else other than narration to give my tulpa sentience. After looking at what others wrote about body language, it's another parroting hazard which I wish to avoid at all costs. My most recent steps have been touch and smell combined, but I do not wish to combine narration and body language. Touch and smell were combined because they were part of discerning primal senses. I feel like even though this task is going to be difficult, I have 2 or 3 months to work on my tulpa. That should be more than enough time for my tulpa to be complete, what with the progress I've already made. TL;DR What stage should I start with my non-sentient tulpa? Narration or body language?
  8. Don't talk like that, it's not over. You need to imagine combining your powers between you and your tulpa during tulpaforcing.
  9. I thought it was imposition after they're sentient. And lifeless corpse in wonderland? WTF?
  10. I've been starting narration since I've personally begun feeling finished with touch and smell sessions but still had hours scheduled to work on them. What I'd do is when I need to drive somewhere I'll imagine her in the passenger seat. I open the windows and talk to her aloud, saying things like "It sure is hot today" or "The sky is clear." I'll even look over and close my eyes to visualize her sitting there.
  11. This is interesting. Visual representations for emotions. I haven't keyed any emotions for my tulpa yet as I'm waiting on sentience. Maybe if I tried doing this and involving emotion I'd receive feedback from my tulpa instead of complete deadened silence during narration and every other tulpaforcing session.
  12. Didn't you have a successful tulpa? Luna was her name? So I'm not the only one who has felt confident in the quick picking-up of visualization and touch during tulpaforcing sessions. Hurrah!
  13. I'm at the body language step also, however I'm thinking of skipping over it and coming back AFTER finding sentience.
  14. Wizards don't give a FUCK. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. I'll be sure to treat everyone here equally regardless of rank.
  15. If you're worried about losing your tulpa, then ignore your friends. After all, friends don't fade away from existence if you don't give them constant attention. Tulpae do.