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  1. Thank you for your answer, Reisen, seems to make sense, just a curiosity, I know that every person is made in its own way but I should anicipare his reactions even in the active force?
  2. hi all, I would like to ask a question, maybe Tewi is the right person to address it, I have already read many guides and advice, however, although my tulpa has already spoken in the first month with his mental voice (quite distinct I could add) and a I've seen her move around now, I have not heard her for a couple of months now. I also tried the vocal guides and I have not lost interest in her, in fact I think I'm in love with her, so my question is why I can not hear her anymore? Why does it seem to be back in the beginning? my views are quite good, what am I missing? if you can help me, thank you.
  3. first of all thanks for the answers. second we are actually on the eightieth day and since I received some answers / words that would never have occurred to me (even words that I had to look for in the dictionary) I thought it would soon be vocal, also because I heard my name twice, but actually now that I think about it during active forcing I was just waiting for you to answer me I never tried to think about how it could react because my display is difficult and appears colorless and blurred (except once when I do not I did not even think of her and I saw her go down the stairs, even if there are no stairs in my wonderland at that time she was independent and the image surprisingment vivid) I continue to try visualization and vocal exercises, for the moment thanks to both you have helped me a lot if there will be when there will be progress update the post
  4. Good morning! this is my first post and my english is pretty disgusting however, in the forum I did not find what I was looking for, so I turn to you, I hope you can help me. the problem is this: I can perceive the presence of my tulpa, when I concentrate I feel that there is something in my head, I thought that the situation would have improved but it is now more than a month that we are still the strange thing is that he already talked to me I know she's there but I can not hear her. I trust in the community for an answer if the topic has already been addressed, please direct me to the thread and take the liberty of canceling my question thanks and good forcing