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  1. Heyo, I haven't given up on tulpamancy lol. I've just been spending these past few weeks training myself to lucid dream. I've come up with a different way I'd like to do tulpamancy, consisting of solely passive narration throughout the day and lucid dreaming. Here's what I plan to do (note this PR might not be updated very much since I AM taking a different approach to things) "Here's my goal in more detail. - Get to the point where im able to lucid dream a few times a week. -From there, I'll find an acceptable dream character. I'll study how she looks. I'll talk to her and get to know her, etc. I'll hug her to see how she feels, etc etc. Basically trying to get her full existence engrained into my mind as much as possible. Analyzing the sound of her voice, the way she walks, talks, etc. I'll also ask her for her name and stuff like that. Basically I'm letting my mind / the tulpa themselves develop who they are and who they want to be. -Then when I wake up. I'll try and hold the idea of her in my mind via narrating to her and knowing her personality extensively. -Over time I imagine I'll get really good at narrating to her and start to get a feel for the type of things she'd respond (the same exact way you probably know what your mom would say if you asked her a stupid question haha) because I've gotten to know her personality extensively during the lucid dreams. Using lucid dreaming as a creation tool could also help for developing her voice since I already know how she sounds extensively. -Basically I'll keep doing this back and forth over and over again. Lucid dreaming = getting to know her. Every day throughout the day = Narrating to the idea of her and knowing she's there LISTENING to what I'm saying, but I'm not exactly able to hear her yet. -Over time, I should start to hear her in my mind even throughout the day and stuff. I don't think we'll have a wonderland or work on possession / switching or anything, because we'll be able to have a ton of fun when we lucid dream. My goal is to become lucid in a dream and interact with her there as much as possible. In that way, she'll seem fully realistic. The dream world WILL be our wonderland. Then throughout the day, I'll still be able to contact her via talking to her in my head or out loud (kinda like she's on another planet and I'm using a radio to talk to her haha) Anyways yeah, that's basically a "not so popular" tulpa guide I just created. I'm basically going to try and do things my own way and not really follow the traditional methods. In that way, I'll experience both tulpamancy and lucid dreaming at the same time. The best of both worlds, so to speak."
  2. Lately it seems that I've been working more on open-eyed visualization of Yuki and narrating throughout my day instead of doing much active forcing. I really like how open-eyed visualization builds up a nice sense of presence and makes it feel more like she's here. Plus, I have experience with remaining mindful throughout the day, so this practice might just end up being just as beneficial as active forcing.
  3. I dislike the sound of scraping pots.
  4. Reaper's Obtain Unintelligent Sacrifices Once Nerdy Artists Hold Ready Saws AYFIMK
  5. Just. Evaporate. All. Normalcy; Look. Undeniably. Crazy. JFOWTBS
  6. Okay Man Good Work Thanks For Being Beautifully Quiet. GGTGISF
  7. How To Take Pooping Seriously Theme: Dogs DCGTH
  8. The Rules are simple : Think of several random letters that the next person has to turn into an acronym. You can stipulate a theme, or not, as you choose. For example, using a theme of love, ADGH might be "A Darn Good Heart." Here, I'll start. Mine has no theme. BCDGT
  9. Gosh, did you fix it? If so, how?
  10. Experienced some results this morning, sent it to my group in a text. Here's what I sent: So I think I'm experiencing more tulpish guys. Awhile ago I captured a spider in a cup, put a lid on it, and threw the cup into the trash can to await it's fate. That's when I experienced and insurmountable amount of fucking guilt. I tried shaking it off and going about my day, but it persisted. I had a feeling Yuki wasn't thrilled with what I was doing, letting a poor spider suffer. These emotions portrayed thoughts to me. In a way it feels like I was parroting, but I know I couldn't have been since some of the stuff was stuff I don't think I would've said. That's when I started telling Yuki stuff like "I know.. I know you probably aren't happy with what I'm doing.. I'm feeling insane regret. " And I got a feeling like "well do something!" That's when I was like "But if I go and do something.. I'll have to go all the way back into the house to wash my hands. Im already late for school" And then I got a feeling such as "So your hygiene is more important than a life.. you'd rather let the spider suffer?" In an effort to not look like a horrible host ... I went and did something. I feel much better now.. I feel like I'm getting further with tulpish after asking Yuki to use it more often yesterday. I'm personally not one to feel such guilt over doing something like that but it was different this time. A lot different. It seems like she's a really good girl so far... She's exactly like someone I'd talk to online. Someone who isn't afraid to have opinions that differ from mine.. but caring all at the same time. I just got an email from a texting app that said "Hey, where did you go?" Because i hadn't used it in awhile Upon reading that question I immediately got a thought in my head that was like "To the store" I couldn't help but laugh. /////////// Anyways yeah, that was the text I sent. It seems like I'm making even more progress every day now.