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  1. It doesn't seem to be that much of a problem. I would just have to get to know the host a bit. Seeing the host as an in-laws was a great way to look at it and I really appreciate your guys help.
  2. sorry i didnt mean for the question to be vague. It's just hard for me to understand. I think they like me back. Ive never talked to their host before only them. I would like to get to know their host because ive gotten to know them quite well. I would love to take them on a date and they said they would like that as well.. I think theyre worried that if im friends with their host she will start butting into our conversations because shes done that with others? I am sorry if I am still being vague.
  3. So I don't have a tulpa but I am in love with my friends tulpa.... what do I do? Changed the title to be more descriptive - Vos