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  1. @Beatles it may interest you to know mine was somewhat based on a rock star too. He doesn't want me to say which one because he thinks you all might judge him. He's actually my soulbond, a character I created for my stories who is a rock star but not exactly like the one he's based on. He likes being in this world sometimes where he is NOT a celebrity. Anyway, it's an interesting thing. He has origins that go back to when I was very young too. He was actually my RP, "imaginary" honey before I even made him into a book character (I used to roleplay on paper at school with my best friend nonstop) so his creation is actually quite complicated. But it all stemmed from an interest in music.
  2. We just completed it and would love to know what other results you are getting. Will you share what you learn one day?
  3. seems to me a lot of Tulpas really don't like being Tulpas. Do you guys really have to sleep when your host isn't giving you attention? Couldn't you play in a wonderland or something while host is busy? It bothers me that your lives are sad.
  4. Hi I am new here. I would like to talk about soulbonding but from a metaphysical perspective. Would that be inappropriate here? Should I start a thread in the metaphysical section?
  5. Bjorna

    Any Soulbonders?

    Thank you so much!!
  6. Bjorna

    Any Soulbonders?

    I'm very interested in learning about soulbonding, but I hear the community is dying out. I think I am soulbonded to a character I made, so I would love to meet others in the same boat. Is there maybe a soulbonding thread here?
  7. Hello everybody. I am a berserker/wannabe shaman so you could say I already have too many people living in me if you count my Bear alter, spirit guides etc LOL. But I don't exactly have a Tulpa. I do, however have a beloved character that is so vivid in my mind it's like he's an old friend (I'm 26 and this character was made when I was almost 12!). I would like to turn him into a Tulpa. He may already be an accidental tulpa/soulbond. But I fear if he becomes too sentient he will grow out of all thosr characteristics I adore about him. Anyway...where is everyone? Most posts I see are from 2012 :(. Us noobs need frieeeeendsssss Edit: nevermind I saw 2018 posts. Dern sleep deprived eyes.