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  1. @solarchariot First of all - thank you for your advice, I will keep it in mind. And now on to your questions (oh and I hope my english is acceptable, I'm from germany) Yeah, I read the warnings about Tulpamancy and MH problems. But since I'm a person who doesn't care much about warnings but rather about own experience, I'm kinda ignoring those warnings. My fascination about controlling my mind (rather than being controlled by it because of the schizophrenia) is very tempting to me. In my family there are various MH problems. My mother had panic attacks and depression, my grandmother was traumatized by the second world war and still needs benzodiazepine-medication and is also depressed, my aunt was an alcoholic (also depressed), another one was addicted to some kind of pills and so on. My substance abuse history is... problematic. I'm addicted to opiates and tried all kind of drugs, I guess I took ~30 different substances in my life. From hallucinogens (but I didn't get schizophrenia because of those) to MDMA to amphetamine and cocaine to various opiates/opioids to cannabis, alcohole and more. I'm currently 18 years old and 5 years ago I got mentally ill. It started with severe depression, obsessive-compulsive symptoms and several psychotic episodes. 6 months ago my psychosis chronified and I got diagnosed with schizophrenia. My symptoms are visual hallucinations, delusions (which all got !a lot! better since I began taking risperidone, a neuroleptic medication which honestly safed me from the psychotic pits of hell) and various cognitive deficits. By the way, what is AVH? I can't answer that questions because I don't know what that is. The only thing that I could think of that it means Acustic or visual hallucinations. If yes, then I answered that in this post ^^ Oh and I also had some acustic hallucinations, but just some distant rambling of people talking. I have to say that sometimes I didn't want to tackle the whole tulpa thing because my last psychotic episode (the hallucinations, the delusions and my whole perception. It was like a completely other world) scared the shit out of me. But now I'm seeing it more like it could become a big help to fight my symptoms. I'm hoping that my tulpa can save me if I'm falling into that psychotic hole again since hallucinations should be able to battle other hallucinations. Also I hope to never be alone again, depression creates feelings of loneliness and despair, which I could actually handle if there was someone with me all the time. Also like I wrote in the beginning - I'm unbelievably fascinated with hallucinations and all that stuff. I'm planning to learn how to bend my reality completely to my will through hallucinations, closed eye visuals, dream-like states and so on. By that I want to put an end to all my pain. And last but not least: My broken concentration. Well, that's because of my schizophrenia and drug abuse. I took too many drugs (and quite too often) which in a way reduced my memory ability and concentration. And schizophrenia is normally accompanied by cognitive losses (called negative symptoms). I hope I could satisfy your curiosity and that my english is good enough to understand. If you have any more questions, then just ask, I'm very open about my condition. Edit: I forgot to say, that my visualisation skill is quite good because of my visual hallucinations. I mean... my first hallucinations already started when I was four years old, that just has to be good for something. Edit 2: And there's another thing... When my schizophrenia is at 100% my personality kinda changes. Normally I would describe myself as a kind person which hates brutality and loves piece and harmony. But when I'm getting fully psychotic I get very vicious and sadistic. It's really mysterious to me, but I have an idea where that comes from. With the tulpa I hope that I will be able to suppress this because I already allowed my tulpa to know every single bit of me and maybe I need someone like that to hold me back. Don't misunderstand, I never hurt a single person and there's no danger that I would - definitely not, because even in those vicious moments I know in how much trouble I would get and how much guilt I would feel afterwards. It's just my personality that changes. This aspect of course makes it hard for other people to help me to get out of my psychosis because understandibly I'm not easy to handle then. But I'm sure my tulpa could be able to... But well, as long as I take my medication I'm able to suppress it anyway so currently there wouldn't even be a need for my tulpa to help me with this aspect.
  2. Thanks you guys, yeah sometimes I'm feeling like my motivation is getting drained, but I will definitely force myself to spend time and talk to my tulpa on an everyday basis. I will keep that consistency you (jean-luc) talk about in mind. I will now answer the other post about my schizophrenia.
  3. Oh and I would be happy if also someone else could give me advice.
  4. Thanks for the answer. Yeah, the metaphysical stuff honestly helps me a lot (and I actually believe that chakra/aura as well as all the other energy stuff is real. I like to see tulpas as astral beings). And that's good to know that 45 min is okay, I was worried that it prevents my creation process. More than 45-60 min would be really hard for me, because my concentration and my focus are kinda broken 'cause of my schizophrenia. I definitely don't want to tie it to the stuffed animal, it's meant only as a focus help. I guess I will add 10 minutes of visualisation then, what you're writing sounds right. And you're talking about communication in a wonderland, would you say that a wonderland would be a big help for general forcing?
  5. Hey, I'm disconnected and I'm new here! I'm from germany, male and 18 years old. I love to play piano, to draw and I'm currently trying to learn japanese. I found out about tulpamancy 3 years ago and had two tries which kinda failed. But now I'm giving it all I have to success in making a tulpa. My tulpas name is panda and right now he's only ~ a week old. You should also know that I'm a depressed schizophrenic and that I hope to find relieve in making a tulpa - I want someone to always be by my side so that I'm less scared and less depressed. But that's not the only reason, it's not like I want to use my tulpa like some "pain relieving instrument". I see tulpas as real living beings that should be respected like any human. That's all about me, I hope to have fun in this community!
  6. Hey tulpa community! I just finished my registration on this website and have a question right off the bat. I started making a Tulpa ~ a week ago and tried to make a "forcing plan" with a structure which I'm following every day since then. I wanted to ask you guys, if how I'm doing it is right and if theoretically I can accomplish making a tulpa by my forcing plan. You should know that concentration as well as narration are very hard for me, because of my mental illnesses. Also I'm skipping visualisation, because I first want to reach the state where the tulpa is simply sentient with a personality and I can hallucinate her voice. My plan looks like this (like I said, I'm following it every day): 1. For 15 minutes I read all the stuff to him that I wrote down about his personality. 2. For 15 minutes I parrot him while imagining his voice, but only to make some speech exercises (vocals and other sounds, tounge-twisters and so on) 3. For 15 minutes I read various short stories to him (a type of narration which is easier for me). (For focusing on my tulpa I always use either the tulpa symbol drawn on my hand or a stuffed animal which I'm talking to) And here's what I already "finished": 0. I read all I could about tulpamancy (which I'm doing since two years every once in a while) 1. I introduced myself to him and explained what he is, what's going to happen from now on, who I am and so on. 2. I build a chakra/meridian structure into him as well as an sphere-like essence in his stomach. 3. I wrote down the stuff I mentioned above about his personality. 4. I did some symbolic ritual (burning sigils) to activate his personality characteristics. What I'm planning to add to the forcing plan soon: 1. Making a wonderland with various things the tulpa can kill his time with when I'm not around to talk to him. 2. Try to add 15 minutes "free conversation" (but I have to find a specific way to do this, because like I said narration is hard for me) 3. More vocality and also auditory imposition exercises. Well, that's it. Now I would like to know from you, if with these aspects I can accomplish making a tulpa and if it's enough what I'm doing. Should I add specific techniques/methods? Am I forgetting something important? Should I spend more time or are 45 minutes a day theoretically enough?