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  1. I used to recommend their card game, Legends of Runeterra. I can't in its current state but maybe it'll improve...
  2. It used to be orange juice that they'd go after.
  3. Is that allowed? Posting seems overpowered, why isn't that move banned yet?
  4. Too late, you already see tomorrow (in some time zone).
  5. Interestingly enough, roads were initially designed with walking in mind, and automobiles were an afterthought. There were some incidents with car drivers not respecting pedestrians' right of way, some bad PR, and to cover it up the executives behind the automobile industry invented the term "jaywalker" ("jay" being an insult in Britain, where this all happened) to blame the pedestrians. This offensive term somehow caught on as an official term in modern law.
  6. Oh and make sure you carry a box of wrenches at all times. In compliance with the 6 feet rule, all fights now consist of repeatedly throwing wrenches at each other. I guess if you don't have any you're probably still safe, how hard can it be to dodge wrenches from 6 feet away?
  7. No one expects people to stop posting, it just happens. Just like death and taxes.
  8. Holy water is also completely unnecessary because it doesn't do anything, it's just water. But yes, the rabbits thing too.
  9. Your life can't be that boring, right?
  10. Or you could just do what Rick Sanchez did: gain as much control over the real world as a lucid dreamer has over their dreams.
  11. This machine, on the other hand, is boring. (And no, it's not a pizza machine.)
  12. Well, 144p may be bad by computer standards but it's still pretty good by human eye standards (I think).
  13. No Bre, look at it first and post later.
  14. If only there was a way to capture time and save it for later instead of having it fade away. Sadly this is not possible because Time Vault is banned, thanks WOTC.
  15. I find it hard to believe a shower lasted anywhere near 2 hours.
  16. If you used to have the session but didn't get to restore all of it, you can still get it back. If you dig into your browser's profile files, you can find a "restore to previous version" option.
  17. Blasphemy!'re not wrong.
  18. Apparently 1-5 years worth, which is probably a ton.
  19. It's like they say in Go, "making the optimal play is better than thinking about making the optimal play".
  20. Good for you, being productive and getting stuff done. That does indeed sound a bit on the unfun side though, no video games or Youtube.
  21. Good night, or as they say in Australia, good morning.
  22. I don't think Someone is here.
  23. To be fair, sometimes even singlets can be surprised to re-read what they wrote.
  24. Faster development from one's 2nd tulpa onward is fairly common. As you said, at that point the brain is already familiar with the concept of tulpas.
  25. But you still can't hide anything from Sans.