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  1. OleGL

    CM's Tulpa Art Thread

    Oh, the coloring takes much more time than sketching. Roska looks so alive. Awesome work!
  2. I wish I could draw the same from my imagination...
  3. This is Lia in her winter outfit. She doesn’t like to wear a hat outdoors though.
  4. Yuri from Angel Beats
  5. The graphics tablet sucks. Too many hours lost struggling with this piece of... technology. Almost lost the faith in myself. Below are some recent pencil works.
  6. 4 Nov 2020 We played beach volleyball. Lia won with 7:1. I was too busy memorizing the score, computing physics and staring at Lia’s swimsuit. •dancing coffinbearers.jpg•
  7. 27 Oct 2020 I’ve met Lia in the dream. Maybe I didn’t recognized her? Scratch that. Her presence was so familiar and common that wasn’t surprising. We’ve been escaping from the construction site, jumping over the broken stairways, bypassing green toxic waste dumps and doing other parkour thingies... I’ve been realizing that I was with somebody female and should’ve take care of her. There were no questions who is she, how does she looks and why she doesn’t speak. Lia said that was her image, projection, not herself. But this experience at least worths mentioning here.
  8. I have the same thing. Not to tell it was quite an issue though. I have to wake the hostie up every time. He looks like a sleepy sleepie and doesn’t respond for a while. I’m gotta touch and shake his essence and even hold a breath to wake him up. It is good to have a time to do anything you want without intervention. Although there are some situations urging for his attention..
  9. (Lia): Have you guys figured out your sleeping state yet? We’ve got that the one who fell asleep being in front will awake as well and will (perhaps) remember the dream.
  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience of living with your angels. They even like to play spacesims! Oh, you’re so lucky! I agreed that the plurality fillls gaps and voids in the entity (soul?) making it more complete and self-sustained.