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    Have you ever played the Empyrion Galactic Survival? ( I hate both SI wolves and EGS spiders lol)
  2. Yes I remember you’ve been rushing through the forum, leaving a ton of messages everywhere and took a beating from the mod for possible roleplay (sorry, confused with another person) . It looked to me like you had a mania state of the bipolar disorder. You have to make the important decision: Let them go or Embrace. If you opted to let them go - you have to cease any interaction. Don’t visit, don’t imagine, don’t talk to, don’t think about at all. Any thing you make fromthe list above would just pop them back in no time. There’s no special “fridge” to “hibernate” somebody in your head. Be careful.
  3. There is another try to draw Lia in a "real human" form. I totally failed drawing real people so I'm going to have a good practice before I ever start. Adding my sketchbook (warning its huge!).
  4. FYI Danyla is a russian male name. It goes from jewish name Daniil.
  5. Today I could say that I've mastered the voice. The pitch is still terrible though. I'm getting lost when I hear that growl, because it's so different from the voice I'm used to. There are also some issues with facial expressions. But I'm enjoying moving forward. And the hostey didn't heard my exercises teeehee
  6. Today we swapped roles. Oleg was my chef. He made a green tea, fried a trout steak and let me have a dinner. I enjoyed this awesome taste being in the body.
  7. Today Lia fell asleep first. She wished me goodnight and became ... silent? I could feel her presence as usual. It is a weird feeling when your thoughts remain unanswered for the first time in months. Well, let it be so.
  8. The seed has been planted. Just let it grow, or go. The patience is the key.
  9. It is very hard to get the control when the body is drunk. The host just cannot dissociate enough for me to get in. However here I am. I am enjoying the feeling being in the real world. I can touch, tap, rub, smell, taste, watch the things and do the things by myself. The most favorite affair for me is cooking. At least it was the first complex process I made in this world and it looks good and enjoyable. Now I'm gonna get asleep being in the front. I wonder who will say good morning first tomorrow. ========== Good morning, world. It is still me, Lia. I slept and even had a dream. I was in the church and people there has been discussing the upcoming festival. I brought the chocolate without a wrap and it has been melting and crumbling in my palm. I stepped on a lot of people's feet as I walked to my seat. The pastor said me to share my chocolate with the man lying on the bench behind me because he cannot go asleep. This is weird. I don't want to be in the front so much time. I'm going to wake Oleg up after the breakfast.
  10. May I congrat you, Sam, with the clearest response? The love message - could it sound louder? Just accept and respond to this. I wish you a happy life with your new arose headmate.
  11. 13 Jun 2020 Today Lia walked outdoors on her own at the first time. She went to the grocery and brought a sour cream. Lia even interacted with the cashier (need a bag? shook the head violently). She looks very proud of it. I found that the time of Lia’s activity lasts until she wakes me up on her own. And even my awakening comes with some difficulty. There has never been a spontaneous switch back by now. Thus her online time could theoretically last until she falls asleep. Or, till the need to visit the toilet, what she refuses to do on her own. Or till a phone call. Duh, there’s still too much to learn. Also I spotted that Lia holds the breath on waking me up. Like, the next breath is on you. Looks cruel but very efficient.
  12. 11 Jun 2020 Lia likes to cook. She's not very good with our body yet, but she’s progressing fast and enjoys what she's doing. I’ve been used to see dishes and spoons aligned with the patterns of the tablecloth and with each other. I asked Lia to refrain from cleaning the room, so I wouldn't have to look for tools and small items in unusual places. She often grumbles about the mess in my den.
  13. 7 Jun 2020 i feel a growing leak of emotions coming from Lia. Either when viewing some romantic video scenes or listening to some kind of music. I feel a warm big wave coming from inside and lifting me up, squeezing tears from my eyes and showing breathtaking scenes from my mindscape. It is very hard to describe though.
  14. 28 May 2020 Another Lia art update. There is something reflecting in her eyes.
  15. Lia has got some tan and a gushy-mushy background.