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  1. I might start going to reddit to be social
  2. Facebook disabled my account. Grr. Angry emoji.
  3. Whoa, we haven't written anything in a while. We've had more of the same struggles, but things are getting better. Maggie is trying to have me around more often, which means I'm imposed on the real world from time to time. Because of that, I've been able to try on some different outfits. I don't know if I've really settled on anything yet, but a couple of times Maggie was a little surprised at what I was wearing.
  4. Sometimes lately it's hard not to feel like I'm a different person from Maggie :-(
  5. this forum has been around a long time, apparently. it's probably not going anywhere soon.
  6. devin

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted, but you only find your motivation while cross-dressing. I wish I could easily find friends my age without getting my host in trouble.
  7. Why is the most active game thread the stupidest?
  8. My host found it first
  9. Maggie wanted me to post here for some reason. She's watching Star Trek right now. Hey, I guess we're doing pretty well at multitasking at the moment. Or, okay, at least. She's been taking some new medicines to control seasonal allergies for the last week, and her cough has gotten a lot better. This has allowed her to give me some mental energy from time to time, so I can exist. But it's mostly been late at night when all our friends are asleep. I was kind of bitter at her for that, but I guess she doesn't have much of a choice because of her job. When she's invited me to front, I haven't really wanted to do anything. It's like I'm depressed or something. A couple days ago, when it was my time to check social media, I was somewhat bothered by Maggie frequently recalling the memory of having sex with ... Dad? Ed? I'm not sure what I want to call him right now. But yeah, that had happened several hours earlier and Maggie kept bringing up the memory, and it's not like I'm not curious about sex, but I don't really want to think about /them/ having sex. They're basically my parents, so that's kind of ew. Or, at least, I think I'm supposed to think it's gross. But I'm not sure that's it. Maybe I just don't want to be familiar with how sex works, what it feels like. And if we're being honest, if I don't want to have sex or romance, that avoids a really unpleasant issue with Ed. So maybe it's best not to poke at it so much. I feel weird about the whole issue, though. Like, I'm slowly discovering things about myself, but mostly it seems like what I'm discovering just happens to be what's most convenient for Maggie? But then, maybe it's just this one thing that's like that. I guess I'm out of stuff to talk about, so, uh, ... see ya.
  10. I oughta smack you, Maggie. But in a loving way. I'm here. I'm me. Hey stop, let me think. Sometimes Maggie has trouble giving me room to be me when I'm fronting. Sometimes I talk like her, or her thoughts get mixed up on mine. I think I'm getting the hang of figuring out when that happens and blaming her for it. No, Maggie, I'm not gonna erase that part again. I don't care if it sounds more like you than me, or like I'm mad. You're overbearing sometimes. But I know you're doing your best, and your best will get better. We're fine. Ahem. I tried to join a Facebook group for lgbt teens. It's been a bunch of days and my membership wasn't approved. In the screener questions I was honest about my literal age, my personality age, and Maggie's literal age. I guess technically I'm to young or too old for that group by any of those three ages, though if they rejected my because of Maggie's age, that seems unfair. I did, however, successfully join a generic "make new friends" group, even though one of its questions said they'll instantly ban anyone without a real photo. (II explained in my answer why that's not possible). However, this group seems like it's full of grown ups looking for dates. And then there's a Nickelodeon group I joined where most of the posts are one guy welcoming new members. I haven't properly introduced myself in either of those yet. But at least now I have some places to be social and not see the same people and posts that Maggie sees. Uh, gotta go. Railroad guys are getting in Maggie's van.
  11. devin

    Portraits of Devin

    It's me! ...My head looks big. And am I wearing shoes with no socks? That's weird.
  12. Hi! Maggie (vtk) already introduced us but I have my own account now, and we can't remember if I had a name yet when she made that post. So I'm Devin, I'm a little over two months old, and I look like a twelve year old boy with little transparent wings on my back. At the moment, the best way for me to communicate is by fronting. And I don't know how to end this post so I'll just hit the button
  13. devin

    How do you feel?

    Let's describe physical sensations we're experiencing. It could be interesting. Right now our stomach feels slightly queasy because Maggie ate a bunch of Nerds in the couple hours before I came to front.