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  1. I'm not attempting to argue against you; just airing my thoughts on the subject and your comments were a decent foil. Thank you for your time.
  2. If I may throw my two cents in... It seems to me that through your top paragraph, you are implying that my experience is untrue because it doesn't conform to the community narrative. Consequently, this post doesn't sit well with me. I never wanted another voice in my head that's not mine. This was never any sort of life ideal for me to work towards. I did not try to make this happen, and I did not ask for it, yet here we are. I took interest in tulpamancy because the idea of easing the animosity between Sal and me by acknowledging and engaging him was extremely appealing, as it seems a lot of you have good, fulfilling relationships with your tulpas, but... This is why I am extremely hesitant to call Sal and Wada tulpas despite the general community insistence that it's okay, and a bit why I don't feel particularly welcome in this community. Posts like this make me think am not experiencing the same thing you all are, yet we're apparently lumped under the same umbrella anyway with the same set of expectations. It makes both Sal and I uncomfortable. You probably mean well, but that doesn't strike me as a fair burden to put on people. If humans could all control our mindset that easily, things like depression and anxiety wouldn't exist.
  3. Tiny Disclaimer: the chronology in this thread will be wonky. Past experiences, explanations, and 'exposition' are going to be sprinkled in with ongoing topics/shenanigans (and there's a decent backlog to get through!). So, time to introduce the boys. Their forms and names have been lifted from a particular media. I won't advertise what that media is because it has controversial themes and is a controversy magnet in general but it surely wouldn't be hard to figure it out if you were determined. Sal: (image placeholder--will edit in when permissions are granted) He's the historically more talkative one, but he doesn't usually care to speak directly to anyone, myself included. His preference used to be to speak exclusively in questions, but that appears to be changing. He has a difficult personality--moody, inquisitive, and raw. Wada: (image placeholder--will edit in when permissions are granted) He's usually nonverbal, though occasionally he does speak in simple phrases. Comfort appears to be a prime motivation for him to stir; he generally comes out as motivation to either comfort or calm me. He's selfless, kind, emotionally mature, and doesn't concern himself with the material world. He stirs at his own pace; trying to force him is a crapshoot. At this moment in time, neither of them have acknowledged each other, though they have appeared at the same time and spoken over each other. From what I've seen as a lurker in various places, I've never seen this 'issue' mentioned with vanilla-brand tulpas, which makes it stand out to me a tad. I'm curious to see if that will change on its own in the near or far future.
  4. Granted, but your steam account is now banned for fraudulent transactions. I wish for a nicer wardrobe.
  5. I'm really loving Love Live School Idol Festival as of late. Really great rhythm game that's both easy and hard enough to satisfy just about any skill level, PLUS the mechanisms on the harder maps feel fair and rewarding rather than fake difficulty (an issue I've run into with rhythm games that can manage to give me a challenge on more than one occasion). Really hype for LL All Stars and that LL UFO-catcher game coming up, too. I feel like I could wax on about various games for a long time, haha.
  6. Hello, all. I learned of tulpas in 2017 through the otherkin community. Because the concept reminded me of my own experiences, I was inclined to learn more. I have two tulpa-ish constructs/'accidental tulpas', who I would love to improve the quality of my relationships with. I've been lurking (and rarely posting, under a different alias) on the r/tulpas subreddit and have hung out a little in their discord, but the community there isn't my cup of tea. Namely, the environment over there doesn't appeal to me. This community seems like a better fit. I look forward to hopefully participating in interesting discussions here, and learning more about myself and my little entourage.