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  1. Whenever i try to visulise it always flickers like a dying strobe light before blinking out compleatly. I have vivid visulisation but i cant maintain it becuase of this problem. How do i fix this (For the love of god dont say "try harder" or i will block you forever)
  2. Right after i posted this another voice started speacking. Claiming to be her but i could just feel somthing was off. How do you explain that
  3. My tulpa started... undeveloping. She went from autonamy to "i know what your going to say before you do" and eaven like this i could still feel her presance. Then one day i was talking to her and realised i was talking to myself. I tried for hours to get a respons or eaven just the sensation of her existance and wound up with nothing. Its been days since then and still nothing. It seemed like her development started going backwards. She was geting more and more predictable until she vanashed and I'm lost. Plase help. I checked for posts on this isue and i seem to be the first.
  4. My tulpa once tride imposition for lolz. A white humanish shape right in my feald of view. almost Gave me a heart attack .
  5. In the bigining my active forcing sesions were dragon ball z style fights. Back before my tulpa was vocal. Now my visulisation flicers like a dieing strobe light so no wonderland for the forseable futer. Sorry for speling. phone spell cheack died on me