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  1. Couldn't have written it more eloquently myself. There are various reasons we shouldn't explore here that the mind gets attached to cycles of rather disastrous modes of thinking. The lucky thing about our minds are the amazing capacity for us to rewrite the wiring of our neurons, by creating new associations we can override and eventually completely eradicate the diseases that feed themselves with our dying minds and fetid past. Meditation is, imo (which isn't a superbly educated or experienced) is the best way to do this, especially for habitual thought patterns and especially for habitual actions that may or may not be detrimental. Because let's face it, if something happens habitually we should examine it and understand why even if it isn't a hindrance to our overall growth. That being said removing such rot from the food of our psyche is easier said than done, as it takes a good bit of discipline and dedication. The most important aspect going into remedying any malediction as these would be to know intuitively that we are the gods of our own minds and the activities of them. That is to say nothing can determine what occurs in them besides ourselves, we are in control completely of our urges, thoughts, and therefore actions and habits. There is something to say about outside circumstances that result in changes outside if our control, but even in these situations it is our will and resolve that determines how blistered we come out of it. Starving and suffocating the pestilent intruders of our minds is how we may rid ourselves of them. I suppose we might try drowning the mucous with new associations and activities in thought.
  2. I've known my headmate for about a year at this point, she's fully vocal and self sufficient and the whole journey has been pretty smooth. However I've had something quite annoying begin happening over the past few months. Rather often when visualizing her or occasionally visualizing anything, or sometimes even just feeling textures if things in the distance it's as if my ethereal/mind self sneezes a shit ton of snot all over the place. Typically with Intrusive objects or actions you simply ignore them and move on as if nothing g happened, we tried this however in my irrationallity somewhere along the line I got parranoid that I would associate various repeating visual intrusions with visualizing Zeryx, all the others have subsided except this one which remains persistent. It doesn't happen every time I intend to visualize or project myself however it happens at least daily and frequently enough to be far more than a petty annoyance, at this point. I'm not really sure if there is much I can do at this point besides ignore it and hope it vanished eventually, but a simple forethought/parranoid desire that it doesn't happen, results in snot being sprayed all over my sister. If anyone has any advice to combat this issue please lemme know as I would seriously appreciate it. This could also double as a general discussion surrounding intrusives, their apparent origin, and how to remove them, or any funny stories about random shit happening in the mind space.