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  1. worth a look.
  2. I was all set to say "yes" until you tied it up into a bundle like that, lol.
  3. Perhaps you were tired from splicing single frames of pornography into family films at your night projectionist job? Joke.
  4. Interesting, we do a lot of that I think. Or a version of that. Only very rarely at this point do we have a singular individual in front. We mostly have a shell/veil loaded up front as an interface, (sorry, old skool multiple terminology). A basic individual personality loaded for bear with hot links to on call people and a sliver of then to identify the proper call to make . Some are just generic non emergency on call where you get a fast call back or they expand out from the sliver into a partial presence. Some are emergency "summon in zero time" people. Operational combat/driving/medical etc stuff. That can feel very brutal to me, especially after the fact.
  5. Please do post it anyway. Perhaps someone here can read it.
  6. Entropy System caught some bullying both on and off line over this. Definitely not cool.
  7. #1: It depends; but, yes. #2: It depends; but, yes. #3: It depends; but, yes. Crap! Even the age thing is "It depends." Assuming you simply mean apparent physical age? Some of us are age sliders so...
  8. Run around like a crazed ferret! Can you juggle?
  9. I have an 02 RX. Insufficient data to say how exactly it effects me as far as parallel processing goes. I use it for cluster headaches and it helps. Are my headaches cause by overclocking my wetware? I don't know. I have tracked some correlation between headaches/fatigue and cofronting and/or lots of switching.
  10. Hi retrovideo; multiple/plural here. In my experience, both personal and other plurals I know? Any/all of the tulpamancy techniques can be done. Depending on your set up some will be easier/harder, more/less beneficial, redundant, etc.. And as J+C points out potentially problematic depending on your set up. There is some go to DID101 stuff you might want to try first if you have not already: system mapping, journaling, etc.. Tulpa stuff that specifically applies that you might want to try before imposition would be shared wonderland creation and improving internal communication in general. Even more basic (remedial tulpamancy and DID) is simply an acknowledgement of the others existence, right to exist, and sentience.