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  1. I was all set to say "yes" until you tied it up into a bundle like that, lol.
  2. Perhaps you were tired from splicing single frames of pornography into family films at your night projectionist job? Joke.
  3. Interesting, we do a lot of that I think. Or a version of that. Only very rarely at this point do we have a singular individual in front. We mostly have a shell/veil loaded up front as an interface, (sorry, old skool multiple terminology). A basic individual personality loaded for bear with hot links to on call people and a sliver of then to identify the proper call to make . Some are just generic non emergency on call where you get a fast call back or they expand out from the sliver into a partial presence. Some are emergency "summon in zero time" people. Operational combat/driving/medical etc stuff. That can feel very brutal to me, especially after the fact.
  4. Please do post it anyway. Perhaps someone here can read it.
  5. Entropy System caught some bullying both on and off line over this. Definitely not cool.
  6. #1: It depends; but, yes. #2: It depends; but, yes. #3: It depends; but, yes. Crap! Even the age thing is "It depends." Assuming you simply mean apparent physical age? Some of us are age sliders so...
  7. Run around like a crazed ferret! Can you juggle?
  8. I have an 02 RX. Insufficient data to say how exactly it effects me as far as parallel processing goes. I use it for cluster headaches and it helps. Are my headaches cause by overclocking my wetware? I don't know. I have tracked some correlation between headaches/fatigue and cofronting and/or lots of switching.
  9. Hi retrovideo; multiple/plural here. In my experience, both personal and other plurals I know? Any/all of the tulpamancy techniques can be done. Depending on your set up some will be easier/harder, more/less beneficial, redundant, etc.. And as J+C points out potentially problematic depending on your set up. There is some go to DID101 stuff you might want to try first if you have not already: system mapping, journaling, etc.. Tulpa stuff that specifically applies that you might want to try before imposition would be shared wonderland creation and improving internal communication in general. Even more basic (remedial tulpamancy and DID) is simply an acknowledgement of the others existence, right to exist, and sentience.
  10. Yes; yes there are. Very, very upset. "How dare you steal my specialnes!!" upset, lol. I am so glad that others have already given you a buncha links to that stuff. Edited by ShadowsDancing Admin: Agreed. We very much experience parallel processing. We do not discuss it in these forums due to the rabidness of some of the "I'm right unless you prove me wrong. You can't prove me wrong unless I admit I'm wrong" crowd.
  11. To much, yes. More than a bit to much. SomeONE doesn't in our experience. Like working for a large company, you can't/don't know everyone. You either call HR or use the friend of a friend method. Enlightened Corporate Model has had some success in the large multi system (s) communities. At the very least think organizational charts, liaisons, local contacts/guides, etc.. Exhausting, yes. And you can't/don't really. See above. In my experience you are not wrong. I am one of those people, kinda/sorta, and react the exact same way, lol. And if not out and out trolls then many are cyber fantasists, Munchhausenests, psychotics, etc.. Given the easily discernible "NOT GOOD!" experienced well before getting anywhere close to 100 I believe that even the legit large # Tulpamancers have some kinda major malfunction going on.
  12. None of the above. There are members here that learned of tulpas when RP characters took on a separate consciousness. But the forums and people here are not RPers playing at or pretending to have generated tulpas. There are posters here that have metaphysical beliefs AND have succeeded in tulpa creation. The community has a metaphysics forum specifically to keep those topics separate from the rest of the forums. Such beliefs have no bearing on being able to create tulpas. These forums and the theories of how/why tulpas are possible are very much science based. Science based does NOT mean "I read an article by someone that has not studied the topic but none the less expresses an expert opinion on it." Science based means the forum members are actively studying the topic. Many keep meticulous notes. The members share what has worked for them and collectively refine their methodology. "A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own free will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. It’s currently unproven whether or not tulpas are truly sentient, but in this community, we treat them as such." Changed font color since it conflicts with the default theme -Vos
  13. Very cool! Well written to engage all of the senses. The "+1" approach I can see as being exactly what most will need.
  14. It worked!
  15. Almost always we would have a shell/veil, etc., in place even if no one was in front. Basically a broad based, background running, plug and play servitor. servitor: as used in these forums. broad based: looking NOT catonic, and performing very simple tasks. passing for normal a bit. background running: it's always on. plug and play: the rest of us can plug in and access buffered memory in real time for seamless(ish) transitions.
  16. Now I want to read it! lol. I hope my post above isn't too grouchy. Its not intended that way, and not aimed at you.
  17. Yes, it's like that! One of the shadows that posts here is just now getting back to this thread. Why do I not have a problem with cultural appropriation as far as Tibetan Buddhism goes? Well for starters Tibetan and Indian Buddhism didn't actually have tulpas, they had tulkus, sprulpas, etc. "Tulpa" is a Theosophical term. So at best/worst this communities use of "tulpa" is an appropriation of an appropriation. And even at that the use here of tulpa pretty much matches minus the "OMG, magik!" part. Now as far as using terms from the empowered multiplicity community? That we do have a bit of an issue with. Full disclosure; I'm not a fan of the "Waaa, waaaaa... I'm so broken!" DID crowd lifting terms either. And for the same reasons. Except you peeps are cool and open minded and the programmed by the medical community crowd can get down right nasty and puritanical, lol. When we were coming up with that stuff in the 90s and 00s we were very careful to be inclusive. Multiplicity/Plurality encompasses born that way, Tulpamancers, classic traumagenic DIDers, DDNOS, hiveminds, shamans, houngans/mambos, walkins, soulbonds, grab bags of all of that, etc.. So my issue isn't with subsets of the broader Multiplicity/Plurality using the terminology. It's with subsets/subcultures taking terms and altering them or narrowing them and trying to "own" them. My best example for this community is people tulpasplaining the term cofronting. It's a pretty broad term. No, its a VERY broad term. From a dysfunctional traumagenic multiple(s) POV it might not be happening much at all without lots of work. From what I'v read here cofronting in some way, shape, or form is pretty much a given for tulpas. For some etymology check things starting with "co";
  18. In our youth we studied Tibetan Vajrayana for some years with a very qualified teacher. There use of the term tulpa is quite different from this communities. So different that I have no problem with the appropriation. I'm also a member of the empowered, not disordered, plural/community. We have been active in that world predating the interwebs and online since newsgroups and mailing lists. In that regard I do feel that the tulpa community is a tad dickish appropriation wise. ;) Crap! cats are fighting. I will edit and finish when I get back.
  19. Hi Ranger. I posted in the mentor thread as "willing but with a caveat". We are an older large multisystem plural. We had to learn how to turn OFF our people decanting engines, lol. So while occasionally we have very helpful insights for regular Tulpamancers courtesy of looking from the other direction? Probably best I stick to mentoring ones more like me if at all. With that in mind: If you find your self giving helpful advice in the forums to someone whose experiences and personalities mirror your own? You kinda are mentoring them. And being willing to make the effort learning what/where the available forum resources are is you self training to be a mentor.