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  1. What I mean is something abrupt happened while Mel was talking with a friend of ours for the first time. It’s happened since and I’m betting you’re right.
  2. My tulpa has fronted off and on since Tuesday. The first time I was rather quickly pulled to front and felt disoriented afterwards. This disorientation has happened every time. Is this normal and does anyone have any suggestions to help with the disorientation? Thanks
  3. ab

    Maggie and Devin

    I just finished reading your progress report and I remember some of the events mentioned. :)
  4. Hi all. My username here is ab but you can also call me Beth or Alex. I will use either name but won’t go into why here but if you are curious please don’t hesitate to ask. I find it amusing that only a few short months ago that I told a friend that I didn’t want a tulpa. What changed my mind? When I found out that humanity wasn’t a requirement. So I’ve read some guides here and rather quickly I am told have managed to create a tulpa. A friend of mine suggested that I create an account here and with her help that’s what I’ve done. Just a few facts about me. I love to read, write, hang out with friends, and I’m also totally blind.