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    Writing bio's is difficult because you have known yourself for your whole life so it is difficult to say what details about yourself are important. I'll try anyway.

    My name is pronounced /bɹæns.əɹ/, it is a combination of breloom, my favorite pokemon, and mancer, which means someone who practices a certain type of divination, so breloomancer means that I am able to use divination relating to brelooms, which isn't actually true, but I thought that it sounded nice (of course modern usage of mancer would be closer to meaning that I am able to use or manipulate brelooms, which is technically true since I have used brelooms many times in pokemon battles).

    I am interested in many things such as: language, making them (called conlanging) and learning them; tulpas (of course); video games, particularly turn based strategy games like xcom, but I play other games too; ttrpg's (table top role playing games); consuming both nutrition and information; probably other stuff.

    I am the host to Miela, but she doesn't talk here very often.

    Have a good day

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  1. I thought that during the summer I would have enough free time to do everything that I want to, but even with no external obligations there still just isn't enough time in the day. if I was on Mars then I would have slightly more time each day. that would be nice
  2. some dubs are good though, like the soul eater dub
  3. the japanese version of cory in the house is the original, but the english dub was distributed way more and it is really hard to find the subbed version in america
  4. yeah, sometimes it is just too difficult to get your hands on the subbed version, like with cory in the house
  5. I need to go back and rewatch anime that have good dubs and anime that have bad dubs to see if your theory checks out
  6. anyway, don't think that this tomfoolery will make me forget what you have done
  7. I thought that the whole reason why you did this is because you don't trust the banks. if you have a bank account then what is the point of burying gold?
  8. you kept all your money in buried gold. you remember where you buried the gold, right?