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    Writing bio's is difficult because you have known yourself for your whole life so it is difficult to say what details about yourself are important. I'll try anyway.

    My name is pronounced /bɹæns.əɹ/, it is a combination of breloom, my favorite pokemon, and mancer, which means someone who practices a certain type of divination, so breloomancer means that I am able to use divination relating to brelooms, which isn't actually true, but I thought that it sounded nice (of course modern usage of mancer would be closer to meaning that I am able to use or manipulate brelooms, which is technically true since I have used brelooms many times in pokemon battles).

    I am interested in many things such as: language, making them (called conlanging) and learning them; tulpas (of course); video games, particularly turn based strategy games like xcom, but I play other games too; ttrpg's (table top role playing games); consuming both nutrition and information; probably other stuff.

    I am the host to Miela, but she doesn't talk here very often.

    Have a good day

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  1. why don't you enjoy anything in wonderland?
  2. what makes you uncanny, rather than just a fellow
  3. I don't know what guides you used, but some of my favorite creation guides are JD's guide, kiahdaj's guide, and kopase's guide, or you could just go to the list of guides and find all of the guides on the site sorted into different catagories
  4. luckily, that is as simple as setting some time aside to spend time with them
  5. I am not perfect, but neither is AI
  6. I guess that you must have a different dialect than me then
  7. I am pretty certain that they are /sɪŋ/ /sɪn/
  8. if you can't tell between /n/ and /ŋ/, then how do you tell the difference between sing and sin, or kin and king, or bang and bane, or long and lawn, ect anyway, I'm not the only one here who is hearing things that they shouldn't be
  9. 🙂 edit: I did not want to make an emoji. curse Invision!
  10. not to mention the merge of Cornelia and Kanade
  11. the way that you phrased that implies that you have never tried to enter respectful conversation. you want to kill them, and they want to kill you, and both of you know that, so natrualy neither of you trust each other, but this situation is also clearly not favorable to either of you. try make them realize that their life is more than just killing you. try to get them to think about why they want to kill you. you don't have to be friends, you just have to live with each other it may seem like talking to them won't do anything, but you would be surprised how much talking out your issues with each other has helped people in similar situations. try to talk it out at least a few times before ruling it out. I realize that the tulpa files weren't the cause, but I still recommend being cautious around gearheart as they have a history of doing shady stuff and currently have potentially harmful hypnosis videos on their youtube channels. remember to always listen to a hypnosis file without trancing to it first to make sure that it is safe. it is possible to get rid of a tulpa (called dissipation). to dissipate a tulpa you mostly just ignore them. since your voice is far more difficult to ignore than a regular tulpa, you might have to actively distract yourself in order to be successful with the process. I only recommend this as a last resort though, because it is very seldom that a tulpa is entirely irredeemable. I don't believe that there is anyone that specializes in tulpas specifically, but most therapists should still be able to offer help, and any decent therapist will be able to identify that this isn't a symptom of schizophrenia