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  1. there are a few evil people who recognize that they are evil. I think a lot about morality though, so I am quite certain that I have a basic grasp on what is right and wrong
  2. I don't see myself as evil either, but I like the evil asthetic and the evil ones are always way cooler
  3. but if we are mirror versions of each other then I call being the evil one
  4. it's like a funhouse mirror perhaps
  5. there are a lot of things that we have in common, but also a lot of things that we differ greatly on
  6. my brand of grandioseness and formal antiformality is strictly belonging to me, and I say no capitalization
  7. talking in a pompous way both allows me to be precise and is quite amusing to me, so I will continue to do it
  8. I talk in a pompous way, you know this
  9. you're right, I don't see it coming, I feel it in my soul
  10. I really didn't expect to be the last poster for 6 hours before
  11. i don't know. anyone here do LSD, and if so, can you say a bit about your experience? not an undercover cop btw
  12. I think that I can handle it. my self esteem isn't based on your opinion of me
  13. you really think so lowly of me that you think I could be that lacking in self awareness?
  14. well you aren't better than me. I'll have you know that I have gotten into many arguments online about politics and morals and philosophy, and that proves that I am better than everyone else in this thread, because as everyone knows, getting into arguments online is a great way to help change the world for the better
  15. a tulpa has access to the same information as you do, but they are subject to different biases, so those different biases might make them be able to realize things about you that you don't know, but those different biases could also blind them to something that you already know about yourself. I would say that it's probably more likely that your tulpa will be less biased about information about you though, since they have some distance from the subject that you don't since to them it is information about someone else and to you it is information about yourself as far as actual information goes though, tulpas don't have access to any special information that you don't have or any sort of connection to your unconscious that they could gain knowledge from
  16. that's because it's also easy to not fall on your face, and because most people prefer to not fall on their face. the advantage of having a good time without hurting others is that now you can take the moral highground and feel superior to everyone else
  17. well if it was easy then everyone would be doing it
  18. they should learn to have a good time without hurting others
  19. I just came here to post and have a good time
  20. so now you're just making fun of me for engaging with your topic? that's mean ;-;
  21. well you're not depressed anymore, so I'm not worried that you are going to commit suicide, and for a purely intellectual discussion I think that it is perfectly fine to entertain the idea that death isn't inherently worse than life