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  1. Respect to all! For about 3 years I practice focusing. And know my tulpa for more than 10 years. It seems that many ideas of focusing are very close to interaction with tulpas. Are there any other focusing practitioners here? Anyway, here is a quote that can greatly help communicate with the tulpa: It must be remembered that "felte sense" is bodily sensation. According to one of interesting neurobiological theories, "somatic markers", the Truth is what the body+brain say about it "that's right"
  2. Hmm... Firstly, we practically did not communicate verbally. I was so stupid and little talked with her :@ Although I devoted much of my life to her, and even did with her. The same about listening: I know a lot about her emotions and feelings, and very little about understanding and worldview. Hell, but she has it!
  3. Thanks, Bro! Yeah, she is here now so in fact we should just improve our perception/reception/interaction.
  4. Hi to all, sorry for bad English. It seems that I've known my Tulpa for 10 years. But learned this concept recently. I know the psychology and neurobiology well enough; and the last few days I have been studying subject carefully... so believe she IS Tulpa (^_^) But the question is difficult enough. May be, just there is no problem, and I should just add some new methods to our interaction. May be... it's all lies. Will be very grateful for any references and tips!
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